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Solar Energy Essays

What Is a Graphene Capacitor and Why Do You Need It?

Take a moment right now to imagine yourself 100 years into the future, you start looking around and notice that a graphene capacitor is powering every car, computer, and any other electrical devices. Up until now, you have never been introduced to the concept of a graphene capacitor or even …

IOT Based Multiport Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for PV-Battery Systems

Now a days, solar energy become one of the most important renewable energy resources, because of reduction in fossil fuels. This project presents a “IOT Based Monitoring and Control of Multiport Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for PV-Battery Systems. One port for unidirectional purpose and another port for bidirectional purpose. Previously, we …

Effects of Global Warming and Measures to Alleviate These Impact

“I don’t want you to feel hopeful; I want you to panic. I want you to feel the fear I feel everyday”. These are the words of Swedish environmental activist Greatha Thunberg who along with environmentalist Loenardo Di Caprio have urged immediate action to the climate crisis. Their pleas have …

Risk and Disruption Management

Risk management is an important aspect of business management. It ensures bot stability and profitability of the business. Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Corporative Association is running a massive milk processing plant and has to supply many customers with their products in many different locations. In order to conduct effective …

The Acronym LHC - “Large Hadron Collider”

The Large Hadron Collider happens to be the largest particle accelerator in the world. A particle accelerator is a machine that uses electric or electromagnetic fields to accelerate subatomic particles to very high speeds. Particle accelerators can also be used to generate gamma rays and high energy X-rays. The LHC …

Introduction of Solar Cells Into Everyday Life

The world population needs energy to survive. Energy is utilizing in everything in the world such as domestic, industrial and agricultural. The demand of energy is increasing over the passage of time because of the increasing population in the world. Energy utilization and energy requirement is important role in the …

The New Generation of Energy

The earth is slowly, but surely running low on its non-renewable energy. Resources like coal, oil, and natural gas are the most consumed each year (Gardner). Reasons for such marginal increases can range from using oil in gasoline to power cars, to providing heat through coal in fireplaces and stovetops …

Environmental Pollution Is a Global Problem for Humanity

The people of United State of America are in desperate need to breathe a clean air and we need your help. Air pollution from industrial smokestacks, vehicle tailpipe, commercial and residential heating throughout the United States, causes about 200,000 early deaths each year. A study by Massachusetts Institute of Technology …

Humanity’s Responsibility to Nature

Saving of Rainforests Tropical rainforests are an irreplaceable gift and they are spread widely on the earth. They are planetary life support systems that provide billions of people with food, shelter, livelihoods, medicine and clean water. The house of the greatest diversity of life on Earth, and are home to …

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