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Environmental Issues Essays

Dialogue that Illuminates Problems: Helen Mayer Harrison & Newton Harrison 

Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison are two of the biggest artists in the beginning of the Earth, Land, and Eco art movement beginning in the 1970s. Both Helen and Newton had backgrounds in education that aided their studies and production of impactful art. They were both extremely multidimensional and possessed …

Food Waste Is The World’s Biggest Enemy

Food waste is becoming an increasingly major problem today. It is something that doesn’t occur in simply one location but rather takes place all around the world and happens throughout the entire production process, “…from the farm to distribution to retailers to the consumer”. According to the United States Department …

Food Waste Affects Everyone

Once something is thrown away, the majority of people stop thinking about it and aren’t interested in what happened to the people that don’t have food. Food is a prevalent waste item in the United States. When people become full or do not fully enjoy something they start with a …

The Advantages of This Kind of Waste Decomposition Over Traditional Waste Management

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is a microbially mediated process by which organic matter (agricultural residues, food wastes, manure, etc.) is turned into biogas and biofertilizer in conditions that require the absence of oxygen (anoxic environment) . The advantages of this kind of waste decomposition over traditional waste management are obvious: low …

Importance of Green Human Resource Management

Earlier few years have seen a phenomenal growth in environmental concerns. Concern for the environment has increased suggestively, and, at the same time, people’s ethics and attitudes towards nature has changed significantly. Studies conducted in different countries have presented an arising interest in green products or growth in environmentally friendly …

Environmental Destruction: When Ignorance isn't Bliss

Global warming is slowly but surely becoming a concern to many scientists who are realizing the increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters occurring around the world. Based on specific arguments presented in the essays, “The Fire Next Time” by Jeff Goodell and “Going to Extremes” by Linda Marsa, one …

Environmental Effects of Wind Turbine Farms

You heard it all. The “effects of wind turbine farms ”a topic which has generated a lot of controversy in the energy sector in recent years. One school of thought believes wind turbines pose danger to the environment and the other thinks otherwise. Wind turbine farms are a renewable source …

Effects of Environmental and Anthropogenic Stressors on Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

Ecosystem degradation has become more prominent as the affects of anthropogenic climate change are increasingly impacting the structure and function of environments. Climate change and human disturbances have created a cascade of issues in aquatic ecosystems. Disturbances in aquatic ecosystems are widespread due to the connectivity that exists along the …

The Impact of Environmental Health of Developing Health

Natural change affects human prosperity and thriving. Changing temperature and precipitation structures influence crop yield, sustenance and water security, and sustenance. The extended repeat and power of over the top events can cause harm, yet moreover increase the peril of water-borne afflictions ( diarrheal ailment, Hepatitis An and E, bacterial …

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