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Environmental Effects of Wind Turbine Farms

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You heard it all. The “effects of wind turbine farms ”a topic which has generated a lot of controversy in the energy sector in recent years. One school of thought believes wind turbines pose danger to the environment and the other thinks otherwise. Wind turbine farms are a renewable source of energy for producing electric power and a spectrum of creating jobs. As a higher thinker, one of the most common quotes that I constantly repeat to myself is that ‘’everything is connected to every little thing else, it’s all one, every little thing, every action, affects everything, The question is simply to what degree.” Probably it’s just my way of inner thinking and justifying ironic or curious data which flies past my radar screen.

Speaking of wind turbines and the environment which they infringe – I would like to speak with you for a few moments about wind turbine generators. A couple of years back, I wrote several articles regarding creating curves in the land to enhance wind speed, and how you can position different wind turbines in certain patterns to increase the air pressure and obtain a boost in energy efficiency. I even assumed how to make use of various frequencies to bombard the relative wind or incoming air to; expand it. The other day, while I was researching some of the incredible claims avoiding wind farms and wind turbines from being built as a result of the ultrasound they create, the radar systems they break down, or the birds and bats which they kill, or the adverse effects on human health, I had another turn on the issue I encountered an interesting paper, one which not just confirms some of my old reasoning on this subject, but also brings up new information both challenges and potential efficiencies for the alternative energy wind turbine generation sector. Now then, there have been other studies which indicate that 100s or even thousands of countless giant wind turbines in close proximity would certainly cause changes in our health, livestock, birds, and bats. Yes, another blow to the slowly failing wind generation industry – too bad however facts are facts, we can’t dispute it, nor can we reason away the obvious.

By writing this post, I will arise the tempers of anyone in support of the establishment of wind farms and turbines. I know It hurts I will also lose some few bucks. However, the truth needs to be said. So what could possibly be the side effects of wind farms and turbines? Are there side effects of this savior in our energy sector? Are the effects justifiable? Here in this post, I set to unravel some possible effects of wind turbines and its implications on the environment and my conclusion this subject Birds and bats fatalities When folks talk about the environmental impact of wind turbines and wind generation, they usually forget to say the issues wind turbines cause to native life. Birds being a noticeable drawback to wind turbines; as several turbines at various levels are erected at cruising level for birds, several ecological campaigners were convinced bird fatalities would increase thanks to interference from turbines.

Wind turbines always typically painted white, in order that they apparently mix with the close cloud. This, however, is what makes them such hazards to birds; United Nations agency might not notice the turbines till they’re fatally near the revolving blades. Statistics show that the impact wind turbines wear birds is negligible. That is, wind energy from turbines isn’t any a lot of expensive to bird welfare than different types of renewable energy production (such as nuclear power) and is really twenty times less dangerous than ancient fuel production plants. While birds will be safe, it’s changing into apparent that wildlife like bats isn’t. Nocturnal and blind, winged animals like bats are being the silent victims of wind turbines as their usual direction tools that facilitate them avoid collisions remain interrupted by the rotating blades. As well as collisions, bats should house the depression caused by turbine tips. If they’re lucky enough to avoid colliding with the ideas themselves, the depression generated will cause a condition called barotrauma. Birds such as bats lungs remain broken by exposure to the current depression and are usually often fatal. Birds have a lot of strong lungs and aren’t suffering from this condition. So whereas birds do well with wind farms, any analysis is needed on the results on bat population.

The foremost obvious answer is putting radio detection and ranging transmitters on prime of turbines; these bats avoid these, as they trigger their measuring device direction systems. Livestock fatalities In 2009 the BBC publish a post titled the “Wind farm ‘kills Taiwanese goats”. Where a large number of goats were suspected to have died as a result of exhaustion because of noise from a wind farm. In 2007 the Ontario Federation of agriculture cited that ground current also called stray voltage could harm animals and pets. Symptoms that the report cited will cause spontaneous abortions in cattle and higher mortality rate among piglets and also dairy cows being also shocked from milking machines. If there are miscarriages among livestock that live in close proximity among humans, what is the prove humans will not be the next.

Are wind turbines curative effects to our energy sector or a deadly ant that desires to pinch our back? Health effects on communities In previous years neighbors living close to wind turbines have been forced to relocate to other communities or live in vans as a result of the health implications that wind turbine poses to their health such as low-frequency infrasound, audible noise, and ground current. Even though the American wind energy association has debunked this fact that wind farms have effects on health. It is also estimated that people living at the distance of 1150 feet to 3200 are ill as a result of turbine close by. Is this true Are there studies to prove this? Yet to know. Noise and shadow flicker New turbines arrived mostly bigger and twice the sizes of the older wind turbine.

The assumption is that they are louder and may cause sleeplessness to most people living in close proximity leading to diabetes and heart problems. There have been various pieces of evidence that infrasound from wind turbines, poses an effect on vestibular systems of humans. Infrasound literally means a sound below a frequency of 20 Hz which is the normal limit of human hearing. Infrasound can travel at a greater distance than audible sound which supposes infrasound pose as a threat to human life. Shadow flicker which is said to be the effect caused by the rotating wind turbines also said to cause migraines and seizures in an epileptic. There are certain findings that noise from wind turbines could also affect children’s cardiovascular system which intends to affect their memory, way of learning and development. Even though proven studies on effects of a wind turbine on children has not been done.

One major limitation among all this data about the effects of a wind turbine is said to be based on observational methods and that surveys conducted prove there could an element of bias. Let me explain these Critics have condemned wind farms because it causes health problems. But hear this A study conducted between 2002 to 2011  in the US found that the cost incurred as a result of air pollution from fossil fuels cost a walloping $131 billion. From this study, it is reasonable to preach the good news of wind turbine than preach bad news. Again Another claim is that the noise and shadow flickering from the blades causes sleeplessness and seizures which has its own health risk.

Wind turbines are not as loud as presupposed. Let me say this How do you compare the noise from a moving car to that of a wind turbine? Your guest is as mine Moving car makes more noise than a turbine. It has been proven that sound levels from cars are not more than 55 decibels when measured at a distance of 100m. This intent is the same level of sound heard from a car traveling 60km/h within the same distance. Again the collision of birds and livestock fatalities by wind turbine sites due to air pressure and ground voltage have come to a minimal according to a national wind coordinating committee as a result of research in wildlife behavior. Again this could be curtain through better sittings of wind turbines. Do you have any questions and cool tips? Please leave a comment below

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