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Earthquakes Essays

The earthquakes in Kobe and in Northridge

Earthquakes happen all over the world and at many different magnitudes. The earthquakes in Kobe, Japan and in Northridge, California happened almost exactly a year apart, halfway around the world. How were these massive earthquakes so different, but also alike in many ways? These quakes were similar from the technical …

Why Did So Many People Die in The Kobe Earthquake?

Japan is situated in North East Asia between the Sea of Japan and the North Pacific Sea and has a population of 125,688,711 (1997) and a total area of 377,815 kilometres squared (145,874 square miles). Japan occupies over 3900 islands of which consists of four main islands which are Hokkaido, …

Kanto Earthquake, Tokyo, 1923 Causes and Effects

Japan is situated on the Continental Eurasian Plate. Both the Philippines and Pacific Oceanic Plates are constantly being subducted under the Eurasian Plate creating a Destructive Plate Margin. This area is part of the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ which is renown for its earthquake and volcanic activity. Previous to the …

Earthquakes - The Most Deadly Natural Catastrophes

Earthquakes are considered one of the most deadly natural catastrophes that can affect human life. Most often, a quake occurs in earthquake-prone zones where two tectonic plates meet, split, or slip by one another; the type of plate contact determines whether the earthquake will be shallow or deep. During the …

Earthquake-Resistant Structures

Earthquake-resistant structures are structures, like defensive fortifications in military engineering, that are designed, in some cases, for the warfare on earthquakes. Both earthquake and military general design principles are similar: be ready to slow down or mitigate the advance of a possible attacker. According to building codes, earthquake-resistant structures are …

Earthquakes: Why do some places suffer more than others?

Whilst earthquakes are perhaps the most frequently occurring natural hazard, their impact on people, property and communities varies enormously from one place to another. It is possible to identify a number of factors that cause some places to suffer more than others. Whilst some are large scale and are to …

The Cause of Earthquakes

When people hear the word earthquake, most of them would probably say it is ‘the shaking of the ground’ or ‘buildings collapse during earthquakes,’ while some would probably describe it in one word: chaos, catastrophe, etc. You get the picture. People have such a negative connotation on earthquakes because, indeed, …

Earthquake Detailed Lesson Plan

1.OBJECTIVES At the end of a 60 minutes session, each student must be able to: 1.1 differentiate active, inactive, and reactive fault by their chance to produce an earthquake 1.2 locate the different areas in the Philippine map which lies near active faults 1.3 demonstrate the different movement patterns of …

Earthquake Notes

What is an earthquake? An earthquake is the vibration of the earth produced by the quick release of energy. Most often, earthquakes are caused by movement along large fractures in the earth’s crust. Such fractures are called faults. The energy that is released radiates in all directions from its origin …

2011 Tohoku Earthquake

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan were considered as one of the worst disasters that hit any country in the world. This disaster also affected various parts in Japan particularly the northern areas like the Ibaragi, Fukushima, Miyagi, and Sanriku. Disaster agencies have measured the 2011 earthquake to …

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