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Photosynthesis Essays

The Light Dependent Reactions of Photosynthesis

Living things require energy to stay alive. The main energy source for autotrophs, a group of organisms that produce their own food, achieve this by gathering natural commodities such as water and sunlight. These sources of energy are converted through a series of biochemical l processes into substances that the …

Photosynthesis Experiment: Hill Reaction

Aim of the Experiment: To analyse the effects of light intensity on photosynthesis via the Hill reaction. Research Question: How does light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis more precisely the rate of reaction in photosystem II, at the primary acceptor location? Hypothesis: In the light dependant reactions, an artificial …

Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Rate of Photosynthesis

Aim: The aim of this experiment is to investigate into the effects of the change of carbon dioxide concentrations on the rate of photosynthesis. Prediction: My hypothesis is that as the concentration of carbon dioxide increases the rate of photosynthesis will also increase. Graph showing the effects of carbon dioxide …

What Factors Affect the Rate of Photosynthesis in Living Leaves?

Abstract: In this lab, four different types of leaves were tested to see the rate at which each leaf photosynthesized. This lab demonstrates how plants store light, capture light, and use light as energy for reproduction and growth, by photosynthesis. The control in this experiment was spinach, which was tested …

Plant Pigment and Photosynthesis

Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to separate plant pigments using chromatography, calculate Rf values using the collected data, and study photosynthesis with isolated chloroplasts. Light energy Light energy Background Information (Activity A): In photosynthesis, plant cells convert light energy into chemical energy that is stored in sugars and …

Tarrgon as Insectiside

INTODUCTION There is a lot of kind of insecticide. Organic and inorganic are common types of this and it only differs from one another by substance in raw materials use. The researchers made an insecticide which made from the extract of tarragon (Artemisia drancunculus) leaves. This paper contains on how …

Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Introduction This is an investigation of the effect of the intensity of light (photosynthesis) have on the rate of cellular respiration (measured as the number of oxygen bubbles). We will determine whether or not it is possible to examine the relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration under controlled environmental conditions. …

Photosynthesis – Homework

1. Write the basic equation for Photosynthesis (Ps). 2. Some students define Ps as the process by which plants use light energy as food. Discuss if this is a correct statement that would likely be accepted by an AP Biology Exam Reader. 3. Contrast and compare an absorption spectra versus …

Biology Lab Report on the Effects of Photosynthesis

For this lab the rate of photosynthesis was analyzed upon plant leaves. A sample of a light exposed and a not-light exposed leave were used to clearly identify the role of sunlight in the process of producing and storing energy. Aim We are trying to find proof, to demonstrate the …

Photosynthesis lab report

Photosynthesis is a food making process for algae and plants. The photosynthesis process rate varies from different wavelengths and intensities of light. This lab will evaluate the optimal wavelengths and degrees of intensity during photosynthesis when chloroplast is exposed to light. The mixtures of DCPIP with water, PO4 buffer, and …

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