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Computer Science Essays

The Impact of Cyber Threats on People and the Economy General

The government and tech-companies should take the leading role and invest more in cyber security. Internet users and businesses should also take precautions to prevent data breach and cyber threats. The main reasons I picked cybersecurity as my rechearving topic because I think most of banking transactions and purchasing happen …

System/360 Is an Innovative Leap in the History of Computer Technology

Half a century ago, when a company’s computing needs increased and computer equipment became outdated, it was not easy to upgrade. It was necessary to not only buy a new computer, but also a new set of peripherals and new software from scratch. From today user’s point of view, it …

Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Our Lives?

In this contemporary world, everyone has access of computers. It is really hard to think of an entire life without computers and machines. Everything we consume in our daily lives such as television, ATMs, cars, calculators and mobile phones consists of computers. Therefore, computers and their software have become more …

The Benefits of Computer Science in Various Fields

Having an understanding of what development skills are significant in today’s society. It is changing and advancing technology every day. With websites, the most accurate way people can learn, socialize, work and even meet new people is a matter of a page on the internet. To make sure that you …

Facial Structure Detection Using Neural Networks

Facial Recognition or diagnosis as very well-known debatable topic nowadays as it has advanced to great lengths in recent years. The pivotal reason for this breakthrough is increase in computational power, while this has proved to break many stereotypes for machine learning algorithms but it has also presented a challenge …

What Is Human-Computer Interaction

Human to computer interaction is and will always be an important area of study due to it’s wide range of use (Chou, p. 1). Not only does technology affect people and the world around them, but humans affect technology and for what purposes it is used, as well as the …

The Important Role of Statistics for the Effective Operation of the Company

Statisticians gather mass data that have an infinite amount of possibilities for decisions that can shape the route of their employers. As a result, there is a common disagreement between peers in order to develop the best possible route. A statistician is an educated professional who solve problems by applying …

Technoethics and Human-Computer Interaction

Throughout the course of this semester, I have expanded my academic knowledge in subject matters pertaining to the study of informatics. Two of my favorite subject matters to learn about was Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and the idea of the uncanny valley. Technoethics was a subject that I had difficulty …

How Bill Gates Influenced Computer Science

Making money is not for everyone to accomplish, but in Bill Gates case it was simple to achieve. Bill Gates is the founder of the world’s largest software business, Microsoft Windows. Bill Gates was born in Seattle Washington on October 28, 1955. Gates was born in a middle class family, …

What Artificial Intelligence Is and How It Work

Artificial intelligent is a branch of computer science which deals with the way human being are able to create computer system which mimic human behavior. These systems are able to do work which is meant to be done by human being. These developments started with the concern of human being …

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