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Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Our Lives?

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In this contemporary world, everyone has access of computers. It is really hard to think of an entire life without computers and machines. Everything we consume in our daily lives such as television, ATMs, cars, calculators and mobile phones consists of computers. Therefore, computers and their software have become more intelligent and useful to make our beautiful lives easier. Intelligent computer systems like Artificial Intelligence has benefitted people in many ways. Artificial Intelligence has broadened the horizon of human intelligence and expanded the judgment and reasoning capability in humans.

Considering the human race, Artificial Intelligence is definitely a sensitive matter to deal with. The reference of the term invokes up the images and illustrations of apocalyptic communities where intelligent computers have either confined the human race or eliminated the substandard and mediocre classes altogether. For some, the implication of ‘artificial intelligence’ attacks the very fundamentals of the human essence and the self-esteem of our race. The notion of an ‘intelligent’ computer which is on a level, or more likely greater, to our own mind sends terror down the spine.

Artificial Intelligence is normally acknowledged as the subject which is focused on exploring how to make computers operate tasks that encompasses intelligence engrossed in human beings. Mostly in limited or undeveloped regions, Artificial Intelligence had prospered to a certain extent in such a short period from its foundation to today. There are variety and array of Artificial Intelligence programs, which are affecting other technical and scientific inventions and revolutions. It is unfortunate that after prevailing for five decades following the origin of Artificial Intelligence, the science and technology has revealed itself as the one which have accomplished insufficiently substantial growth, and preliminary confidence regarding the success of the level of human intelligence, turning into a comprehension of in-depth and complex set mission.  Artificial Intelligence helps humans in exploring their creativity and imaginative skills in solving problems like robot traffic cops in Africa which carry camera with them and keep a watch on drivers to prevent traffic jam as stated by Nnedi Okorafor, a science fiction and fantasy writer in Room for debate. However, it is hard to deny the fact that progress is continuous in this field.

The word Artificial Intelligence has been useful to computer structures and software which are proficient of executing more complexed tasks than the basic programming, even though still distant from the domain of genuine idea. The greatest imperative research fields in the regions comprise the information processing, pattern recognition, and practical fields like medical diagnosis. Technological structures are being formed that can recognize and enhance the speech. Moreover, game playing processers are being shaped in a way that they can compete with the best human chess player and defeat him. Further study in information technology includes software that allow a computer to comprehend the spoken or written information to produce synopses, answer the detailed questions, and rearrange the data.

“Mainstream thinking in psychology regards human intelligence not as a single ability or cognitive process but rather as an array of separate components. Research in Artificial Intelligence has focused chiefly on the following components of intelligence: learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and language-understanding”. Artificial Intelligence can be categorized as a simulated version of human intelligence, judgement and reasoning skill by machines, precisely computer programs. This area of study has always been characterized by complicated study and examination in laboratory environment location and only recently it has become linked to technology in terms of commercial determinations. There have always been several arguments concerning the set of thoughts that lie at the fundamental principles of Artificial Intelligence and its existence in modern reality. Currently, using internet and personal computers is as frequent as watching television. Mostly internet has become best source for shopping. According to Shauna who is the chief executive and founder of AHALife in Room for Debate, Artificial intelligence have made people’s lives easier and quicker by predicting their behaviors and showing the right products of consumer choices.

This image, which is posted by costdata on twipu, highlights how artificial intelligence can help in augmenting human intelligence, judgment and reasoning skills through the title of the picture which states “which companies should prepare for now”. Artificial Intelligence is placed at the center of the image depicting the importance of Artificial intelligence. From artificial intelligence, there are ten branches pointing to ten areas which need to prepare for the golden age that Artificial Intelligence will bring to the world. Starting from the upper-right side which states “Managers will be held accountable to Artificial Intelligence’s wrongdoing”. This means that creators and originators of different robots and machines will be held responsible if anything morally or legally wrong happens. Moving in the clockwise direction, then comes “a new balance in data privacy must be found”. Data privacy is a critical and imperative issue these days. Thus, there is a need for safe and secure ways to handle the data privacy issue sensitively. As robots are created by human, hence, humans are sole originators of robots and follow the orders of their creators. Therefore, it is stated, “Artificial Intelligence calls for strong human leadership”.

The other branch in the image states “In the age of Artificial Intelligence, the corporate strategy makes a difference”. Corporate Strategy is concerned with how companies, create its worth across different companies. Using Artificial Intelligence differently, many businesses increase the value of their companies to gain sales and make their reputation in the market. Then the fifth branch states “In the short run, Artificial Intelligence will further increase the dominance of internet giants and platforms”. This statement is pretty evident in the twenty-first century as information on social media spreads rapidly around the globe. Some social media platforms such as Facebook, Google and WhatsApp are ruling the world. “Portable Artificial Intelligence will help traditional companies regain direct access to consumers”. This explicitly means consumers and producers will both benefit from portable technology devices. One of the branches also states “Artificial Intelligence will replace company silos with powerful value networks” which means a time will come when good relations with people and knowing more people will increase sales than just keeping storage of products. One of the disadvantages which it states in the picture is “Artificial Intelligence drives systemic risks” indicating that apart from the benefits it provides, it has also a risk factor with it. Artificial Intelligence does not always give predetermined results; sometimes it does not work the way we think and could lead to dangerous and harmful consequences as stated, “When Artificial Intelligence algorithms collude, companies pay the price”. Lastly, it states “Humans and Artificial Intelligence will team up to innovate”, meaning that artificial intelligence increases the level of human intelligence, judgment and reasoning skills.

Artificial Intelligence is a substructure and basic feature of Engineering. Engineers use artificial intelligence in developing different devices and also in the thought process behind the development of tools with less human interface. Mostly, it is used in engineering fields like Software, Mechanical, and Robotics. “The term artificial intelligence is also used to describe a property of machines or programs, the intelligence that the system demonstrates” (Brynjolfsson). This statement represents a brief overview of artificial intelligence and its impact in everyone’s lives. It is fascinating to see how artificial intelligence has progressed and advanced in refining humans’ thoughts into a bigger picture.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a discipline of computer science that tries to portray the results of human judgment and reasoning skills and features of human intelligence or senses. It consists of learning, acquiring, reasoning, and familiarizing capabilities, alluding to only a computer or a technology that has an opportunity to appear intelligent by examining data and generating a response. One of the examples could be of ‘smart agents’ which ask people specific questions within a user-friendly environment and then arrive with suggestions according on the answers. Other examples could also comprise of computers and technology which could learn from errors and blunders in a confined way. The crucial aspect of this assessment is that the computer is bound in its capacity; its intelligence is, in consequence, only artificial at finest.

Artificial intelligence has broadened the scope of every scientist and mathematician in terms of thinking related to their fields. In particular areas of everyone’s expertise, artificial intelligence helps in making models of multiplex activities and problems to figure out the solutions. One of the excellent examples of intelligent systems is chess playing. It is interesting how this game is designed as it competent enough to estimate millions of moves which is beyond the level of human thinking. It is hard to contradict the fact that artificial intelligence has led to a new and golden age where translation apps are helping us to connect ourselves to the world and tasks which were completed in days and months can now be accomplished in minutes and seconds. This age has become the age of smart work instead of hard work as described by Faith Popcorn is a futurist, author and chief executive of BrainReserve in Room for debate.

Living in the present and observing things in surroundings, it is crystal clear that world has been transformed by artificial intelligence in many fields like business, gaming, academia, medicine, weather forecasting and controlling flights. Not only people, but multiple organizations providing different services have also gained from artificial intelligence.  The best example in this case is that there are robots programmed to approach distant areas which are not only beyond the reach of humans, but also menacing to human life. Thus, it is indubitable that the application and integration of artificial intelligence in innovating computers has led to greater influence in many lives.

To conclude, artificial intelligence system has brought many benefits in human’s life by becoming a helpful source in solving difficult and complex issues and problems which are beyond the scope of human thinking. Considering the features of human intellect, artificial intelligence manifests more intelligence and reasoning than human beings themselves. This is just an inception in the computer and technology revolution. There are more developments and improvement to come.

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