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What Artificial Intelligence Is and How It Work

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Artificial intelligent is a branch of computer science which deals with the way human being are able to create computer system which mimic human behavior. These systems are able to do work which is meant to be done by human being. These developments started with the concern of human being wondering if a machine can think, act or even behave like humans (Bench ,2007). These curiosity lead to the study of how brain works, how human are able to solve problems, which arises, and how they learn. After having these many question in their head lead to the development of intelligent software and systems. It is also associated with engineering and linguistic. Neuron science gives a wider knowledge on how human brain works, how nerves are cooperating and how they respond in case of any change or threat.

History of Artificial Intelligent

According to science history of artificial intelligent began with people creating stories, some had myths on how artificial being are intelligent and how they are able to act or behave like human. The development started when a classical philosopher who viewed the thinking of human being as a mechanical process which manipulates symbols. After having this idea, it leads to the invention of the first programming digital computer at around 1940s.These computer was created on the bases of mathematical reasoning, which were created, from the study of abstract essence. Many taste were conducted to determine if these artificial intelligent were real intelligent. Some like the Turing taste. These placed an artificial intelligent, human being and an interrogator. The interrogator was to ask question to both the human being and the artificial intelligent. If both gave the same answer, then the system was intelligent. It gave the same answer and conclusion was made that for sure the system was intelligent.

Types of Artificial Intelligent

Some system has been developed and proved their intelligent power or capability. Some of these artificial intelligent which have been developed are speech recognition. These systems are capable of hearing and interpreting any language in terms of sentences and are able to give meaning as human being are communicating to it. These systems are able to handle different words, accents or even slang words. It can work even in places with are noisy. Another intelligent system with have been developed is intelligent robots. These systems are able to perform task, which are given to human being. They are placed a sensor, which is able to detect any change in physical data from the real world such as pressure and sound. These robot is capable of rectifying their mistake and are able to adapt any change in environment.

Uses of Artificial Intelligent

Many counties are adopting the use of artificial intelligent. Many are making use of them in hotels and other places, which have high customers, and the demand is high. Statistic shows that the growth of artificial intelligent is high.

Artificial intelligent have become a crucial part in the industry. This automated machine has taken the role, which were supposed to be done by human being. They take dangerous job from human being. These have increased productivity because they can work without getting tired. In the field of agriculture, artificial intelligent has caused improvement by automating the harvesting method. Companies which deals with waste disposal have taken the advantage these technologies by allocating these systems the dirtiest job which human being fear to do it. Medicine field have not been left out in this technology, artificial intelligent are been used in surgical process. They developed surgical robotics who helps during surgery. Military has used these technologies to launch various programs which helps them to fight enemy in hazard areas and these has successfully succeeded.

Branches of Artificial Intelligent

Artificial intelligent technology is a field, which is evolving each time. These are due to the fact that they are overlapping in nature. One branch of artificial intelligent is symbolic. These is a technology which was nearly abandoned but has gained significance in latest days. They are used when developing expert systems and in game playing field. Statistical artificial intelligent is another field of which advocate about the deterministic approaches.it gets its fact from operation research and mathematics. Lastly another branch of artificial intelligent is computational intelligent. These technologies help to solve real problems which are expensive and cannot be solved in the normal way that is using mathematical models (Glover, 1986). These computational are divided into neural networks. It explains how human brain is and how they work. Fuzzy logic helps during the implementation of expert systems.

Effect of Artificial Intelligent

Considering the advantage of artificial intelligent, it also has some effects. Some of the areas it is being applied, it is causes shortage of employment. These are due to the fact that that job which were meant to be done by human being are being occupied by these systems. These leads to unemployment. Also with the fact that it can do more work meant to be done by many people, due to its tireless nature, many people are left jobless.in the sector of economy, artificial intelligent is facilitating much leading to improvement due to their high output power (Webster,2002) They produce much at a short period of time. People are forced to take any wage which they are given because job opportunity is becoming an issue. These leads to low barging power. These intelligent systems they may lower the level of education as they can perform any task. Hence leading to some course losing meaning.it also reduce the interaction of people as they deduce the social life the human being for a long time has being holding


Incompletion artificial intelligent system should not be allowed to take control of everything. When they get applied in every field, they may change the way of life of human being. Considering human being is asocial being, he or she needs someone to talk to and be able to share ideas. These systems cannot communicate or talk to anybody. When we have many people who are not employed, these may lead increase in crime, increase dependent level among the youth. The use of this system should be considered in regard to the environment, areas, which are hazarders to human being, they should be the one who are used. However, in other sectors like agriculture use of artificial intelligent should be emphasized so that the production can increase and be able to fight hunger. The government should make use of this system in the military field. They should use robot while fighting enemies or whenever they engage in war. These will help to safeguard life of solders that dies on the line of duty as life is precious. Due to their capability they out shine the people hence one may view human capacities been useless and tries to rectify the creator, which is not the case.

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