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The Impact of Cyber Threats on People and the Economy General

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The government and tech-companies should take the leading role and invest more in cyber security. Internet users and businesses should also take precautions to prevent data breach and cyber threats. The main reasons I picked cybersecurity as my rechearving topic because I think most of banking transactions and purchasing happen on the internet nowadays. The world is moving forward and doing businesses over the internet and with wide spread of internet. I decided to create an ad poster to promote cyber security awareness. I choose this method as my adaptation because it is an effective way to deliver my message. It is also an effective way to inform internet users about cyber security. I will also have the advantage of including pictures in my ad which is a great way to improve visual effects to grab the audience attention better. My target audiences will be all internet users because

The purpose main purpose of my ad will be promoting cyber security and convince internet users to download antivirus software because it is the basic step for anyone to protect themselves from cyber threats and malwares. On my ad I will try to explain to the audience on the definition of cybersecurity and cyber threats. I will also try to provide evidence on why cyber security is important and provide them with come of basic free anti software that they can download.

Antivirus software will protect individual system and computer from most of harmu virus out there. It also has built-in firewall that will prevent unauthorized access and prevent data breach. The main goal of the ad is to educate internet users about cyber security and convince them to download anti virus software. I hope that through my ad, internet users will have some knowledge on cyber security and understand the importance of it to private information and the economy. Throughout the project, I personally also learn a lot about cyber security and different free antivirus software that are available out there. I am also a computer science student therefore this project is really useful for me because cyber security is a part of computer science degree. The pictures and definition I obtained through my research were really supportive to help me strengthen my argument as well as the effective level of my ad. The internet is not secure and will never be totally secure in the near future. Therefore, cyber security will promote the role of ensuring the private data, computer systems, and national security are protected. In order to prevent and minimize the risk of cyber threats, it is necessary for everyone to set up a process for preventing cyber threats.

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