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Writing Experience Essays

How To Write A Formal Essay

Formal Essay Definition Every student knows that completing formal essay is one of the most popular assignments at school or college. To put it simply, the main goal of such type of writing is to inform or to persuade a reader about something. The majority of formal essays are rather …

How to Write a Leadership Essay

A paper allows students to research and analyze a specific topic. The primary goal is to make your reader interested in the way you present the core idea. Your thesis statement should be logical and convincing because only a well-structured essay can show enough information about the theme of your …

How to Write a Lyric Essay

A lyric essay is a kind of a written assignment focused mainly on rendering a certain idea to a target audience applying lyrical and poetic languaging. The text of the story presented in a lyrical essay is enhanced with the plenty of stylistic devices. The list includes metaphors, similes, hyperboles …

How to Write an Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is a type of written assignment aimed at an expression of author’s position concerning the problem or issue stated in the topic. In addition to it, the opinion of the writer should be enhanced with strong supporting arguments and statistical data. It will help to produce the …

How to Write a Photo Essay

A photo is a captured moment of one’s life. It is a preservation of emotions, feelings which you can understand by knowing or guessing the context. Describing a photograph in an essay is a creative task which requires student’s active imaginative thinking and inspirational mood. Although this assignment is not …

Critical Analysis Essay Topic List

Each of you knows how it could be difficult to choose a good topic for the essay. Sometimes, it is significantly challenging, especially if you don’t have enough knowledge in the particular field. However, you can face the same problem even if you are given the opportunity to choose the …

How to Start a Reflective Essay

Reflection is a person’s ability to explain the individual reaction to events or emotions. In this essay, a writer has to analyze the gained experience and general feedback from the situation. Students don’t know how to start such type of writing. And it is no wonder because it is significant …

How to Write a Satire Essay

There are lots of tasks which students have to prepare during the university course. Some of them are easy while others require lots of time and efforts. Preparing a satire essay is one of the most challenging ones because it should be something like a literary piece of writing. You …

Descriptive Essay Topics List for College Students

Here you can find the best topics for a descriptive essay. We have collected themes from different aspects of the human life. Be sure to pick one that is interesting for you. Undoubtedly, this list will meet all your wishes and expectations. What Is a Descriptive Essay? A descriptive essay …

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics List for College Students

Arm yourself with patience because we are going to present you the best and effective essay topics. We aim to make the writing process easier and more interesting. Hope you will choose the best theme and surprise everybody with your masterpiece. What is a Compare and Contrast Essay? A great …

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