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How to Write a Leadership Essay

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A paper allows students to research and analyze a specific topic. The primary goal is to make your reader interested in the way you present the core idea. Your thesis statement should be logical and convincing because only a well-structured essay can show enough information about the theme of your investigation.

Leadership is an excellent topic for writing because there are lots of possible variants about whom to describe as a role model. It is a good subject because it requires a simple structure which contains an introduction, main body, and conclusion. All you need to do is prepare an outline which will help you with all the following steps of writing.

What is a Leadership Essay

Although writing a leadership essay may look simple, if you are eager to get a high mark, you need to spend some time on doing this task. In this article, you explain what the word leadership means to you. Then you need to focus on one person who is an example of a role model for you. One paragraph can be determined by analyzing leadership qualities, their good and wrong sides in different situations. It is necessary to prove this with relevant examples from the person’s experience. When you have found the topic of your focus, begin thinking over the structure of your paper paying attention to the formatting. Don’t miss a step of preparing an outline because it is a skeleton of your future article.

Leadership Essay Topics

There can be lots of essay topics when you select a person for investigation. You can write about some general terms such as person’s qualities, characteristics, or focus on the individual who is an example for you or others.

  • What does it take to be a good leader?
  • To lead or to follow?
  • Michelle Obama as a role model for many women.
  • The influence of gender in leadership.
  • Should a person be born as a leader or develop necessary qualities during life?
  • A role model for the contemporary youth.
  • Different methods of leadership in the companies.
  • The significance of the person’s charisma for being a role model.
  • Do leadership qualities help people climb up the career ladder?
  • Learning about leadership in universities and colleges.

Guidelines on Writing Leadership Essays

If you don’t know how to start your leadership essay, read our guidelines and follow the order of rules. It is not difficult to prepare an article when you know a step-by-step approach.

  • Analyze possible variants of topics.
  • Choose several themes which are interesting for you.
  • Conduct brief research of each chosen topic to understand which one has enough information to prepare the whole work.
  • Select the topic and make up a title.
  • Research the theme thoroughly and jet down the most significant info.
  • Prepare an outline before you start writing:
  • Introduction: hook, presenting the issue of discussion, thesis statement.
  • Main body: the summary of each paragraph with examples.
  • Conclusion: how you managed to prove your main idea of the essay.
  • Write the paper according to your outline.
  • Add relevant bibliography and format the paper.
  • Proofread and edit your essay before submitting.
  • Get the teacher’s feedback to understand how to improve your writing in the future.

Leadership Essay Examples

Here is a part of the sample about Princess Diana and her ability to get so many followers. The following abstract is taken from the main body.

“Princess Diana had a challenging task of being a part of the royal family after becoming the wife of the heir of the British throne. After that marriage, she felt the whole negative side of being a celebrity. Every day this lady was under the public eye of paparazzi and journalists. People spent days and nights wishing to take some scandalous photos. This spotlight might look prestigious and amazing, but in reality, this publicity deprived of calm life. When she got used to this life, she started to adapt to such conditions trying to lead a normal life. Moreover, she managed to become a great leader for the English nation and many other people who respect volunteer work. She took advantage of her publicity promoting good deeds, and that what made this woman wonderful among all the other female role models. Princess Diana helped poor children from Africa, homeless people from all over the world, those who were ill. She showed that being a leader can be a great way to promote kindness.”

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