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Conflict Essays

Importance of Dialogue: Madhesi Conflicts and Forms of Intervention in Nepal

Neglected issues of Identity and representation of Madhesis’ have been fermenting in Nepal for decades. But Nepal has undergone series of systemic changes in past 20-25 years and became republic after civil war (1996-2006); promulgated its’ constitution (Sept 2015) which is still in process of evolution and democracy has been …

Role of Agency Theory in Solving Agency Conflicts Between Managers And Shareholders

Shareholder (principals) employ managers (agents) to work for them in turning their dreams into a reality. They transfer the rights of decision making and control of operations to the agents who act in their (principal) best interest. This paper discusses the role of agency theory in curbing agency conflicts between …

Functional Conflict vs Dysfunctional Conflict

Conflict is constructive when it improves the quality of decisions, stimulates creativity, innovation and encourages interest and curiosity among group members. Conflict challenges the status quo that resulted in the creation of new ideas, promotes reassessment of group goals and activities, and increases the probability that the group will respond …

How would you see the conflict between Yusuf and Latifa be solved?

Conflict can be defined as a process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affect, something that the first party cares about. Conflict is also an outcome of behaviors and cannot be avoided in an organization as long as organizations …

The conflict between Yusuf and Latifa

The conflict between Yusuf and Latifa, Yusuf has made a new plan to make Bunga Raya get high profits and good performance than other bank. He wants to downsized and completely close several 70 regional branches but it make the employees loss their job and less of customers. Bunga Raya …

Pluralist and radical frame

The first differences between the unitary, pluralistic and radical frame of reference is their view about conflict arises between employees and employers. Unitary theory rejects the basic antagonism between both because this theory insists all the parties might work together for the common goal and shared purpose, so there is …

The incompatibility of Myanmar ethnic conflicts

Is it possible to succeed Myanmar peace process? Which resolution can bring an end to civil wars in Myanmar? As the ethnic conflict in Myanmar is the asymmetric one, it takes too long to national reconciliation in Myanmar. Even though, the successive Myanmar governments try to create peaceful Myanmar, there …

Conflict in the novel "Korm" M.T. Anderson

In the novel, “Feed” by MT Anderson conflicts have presented themselves through relationships between Violet and her inner self and her Feed. MT Anderson has also presented conflict through the use of satire. These conflicts were important because they gave me an in-depth understanding of a society, where everyone is …

Conflicting Perspectives Joan of Arc and Julius Caesar

Composers use representation as a means of portraying their particular views or perspectives to a targeted audience to stimulate a response, challenge assumptions or rethink certainties. Representation is a statement or account made to influence one’s opinion or action to effect a change. Often composers represent political figures in this …

The Panchayat system as an early form of conflict resolution in Trinidad

Conflict is a natural element of the human psyche1. In every country, every religion, every culture and every society of the world, there is conflict. Human beings possess the ability to cause harm and create discord wherever they exist. However, they also have the ability to soothe offended parties, correct …

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