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Functional Conflict vs Dysfunctional Conflict

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Conflict is constructive when it improves the quality of decisions, stimulates creativity, innovation and encourages interest and curiosity among group members. Conflict challenges the status quo that resulted in the creation of new ideas, promotes reassessment of group goals and activities, and increases the probability that the group will respond to change. It supports the goals of the group and improve performance. (3)

Additional Characteristics: i) Analytical thinking: Group members develop analytical thinking in identifying various alternatives by including some challenges such views, rules, policies, purpose and plans to justify these groups as they are or make other alterations that may be necessary. (ii) Diffusing tension among the members of the group: conflict is necessary to express their feelings openly to reduce the tension among the members of the group and as a result it suppressed the tension.

When members express themselves, they get some psychological satisfaction and that could leads to reduction of stress among the involved members. iii) Promote Competition: the effect resulted in increased competition among members of the group that could lead them to exert more efforts for better output. Some people are highly motivated by conflict and service competition. (iv. ) Promote group cohesiveness: Experts believe that conflict creates solidarity among the members, increases loyalty and cohesiveness among members of the groups than can help the management in achieving the organizational goals effectively. (v) Facing challenges: The abilities of individuals as well as groups can be tested during conflict.

It creates challenges to be more creative and dynamic and when they became successful it leads them to a search for the alternatives to the present methods which results in organizational development. (vi. ) Organizational change: Sometimes conflict stimulates change among the members of a group, their attitudes and behavior change and ready to accept the requirements to meet the changes in a situation. (vii) Increased awareness: Conflict creates an increased awareness about the problems faced by the group.

The group members also become aware of the members involved in the problem and the methods adopted to solve the problem. (viii) Quality of decision: During the conflict, the members express the opposing views and perspective which results in some high quality decisions. Members share the information and examine their input to develop new decisions. (ix) Identification of weakness: The weaknesses of a group can be identified easily during the conflict that the management to correct those weaknesses.

(1) Dysfunctional conflict Conflict that leads to a decline in communication or the performance of a group. Dysfunctional conflict can be an overabundance of conflict or a lack of sufficient motivating conflict. It hinders or destroys group performance Effects of Dysfunctional Conflict in a workplace or organization:(2) •Increased tension: •High rate of employee turnover •Increased dissatisfaction: •Distrust: •Distraction from organizational goals •Development of discontent •Retarded Communication •Reduced group Cohesiveness •Reduced group effectiveness

Example of Functional Conflict: Back home in my country religion conflict is very common, Christians group they distance themselves from Muslim group. Muslim people had very strong organization at that time when I was growing up and I noticed hostility between the Christian group and the Muslim group . There was always a strong division between the groups but that impression has been changed when a couple who have been married for more than 50- years changed everything. The couple have 5- grown up children, all of them have their own families now and the grandkids are well behave, good manners and very respectful to elders.

The couple have different religion and each one carried on with their religions, the wife is a Christian and the husband is Muslim. The couple never fight nor argue for anything . They are highly respected and became a raw model of those people and younger generation who lives in that community. I also learned that the hostility had reduced tremendously between the Muslim groups and Christian groups in that community. One time when I went home for a vacation, I visited the couple and I asked them questions what was their secrets that make their relationship grew stronger.

Their response is simple respect and be open to each other, honesty and love. They told me that at the beginning of their marriage, they both agreed to respect and no interference for their religious belief and with regards to their kids , they also both agreed that at the early age of their children, the wife has to make choices what would be best for their kids religion to avoid any confusion for the kids but once they were grown up and old enough to make decision for themselves then they can pick what religion that suite them.

All their kids are all professional and have good jobs. What amazed me when I went home are the groups mingled and laughed each other and their kids played and eat together. . Example of Dysfunctional Conflict: . At the end of the month, I am responsible to make inventory report for patients food condiments, drinks and snacks and also to submit a request those goods that will be needed for the following months.

Last month June 31,2013, I was not able to submit my request on time because the other person who works M-F had not completed filling up the log book for the 2 weeks inventories. One weekend before the due date, I emailed him and also sent a copy of my email to the Manager. The person involved did not respond to my email so on Wednesday that week, I emailed him again and also sent a copy to the Manager and still no response. Friday I sent him another email and also called him and left him a message.

Saturday, I reported to work and check the log book and inventories for 2-weeks were not entered at all. I was too worried because I could not make my inventory report and could not submit a request for additional good for the following months. I tried to reach the Manager but because it was weekend, I could not get in- touched with him. I tried to reach the other person and he too was not responding his phone. I found out later that the Manager was on vacation and he will be back the week after July 4th.

I said o myself, there was nothing I can do without a completed log book, so I waited until the Manager return back to work The next Monday the Manager was not happy because the patients were short of condiments. He sent me email asking me what happened so I told him that the other person did not completed the log book after all those reminders that I emailed to him. I learned that the person was called on his office that very day. Submission goal for the report was not met due to this incident. Lack of communication and motivation resulted a task conflict.

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