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Accident Essays

Two Aircraft Accident

On 26 March 1991, at 9 :15 P. M, A Singapore Airlines Flight 117 took off from Kl, leaving to Singapore. This flight was hijacked with four Pakistani militants, It was a short flight from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then this plane …

Challenger Accident

Introduction Space Shuttle Challenger accidents was one of the dark moments in the united state’s trial to conquer the universe.  The challenger acceded occurred on January 28th 1986. In the accident, Challenger which was a space shuttle operated  by NASA  exploded moments after taking offer  tom the launch center.  The …

The Criticality Accident in SAROV

Introduction Problem Statement             In such normal conditions, nuclear reactors are most of the time kept under a critical mass. Propagating nuclear reaction only emerges when the minimum threshold content capacity of nuclear material is reached, which usually occurs with the significant presence of a fissile material known as uranium-235 …

Traffic Accident in Cambodia

It is estimated that over 1.7 million people died from starvation, execution, disease, and over-work during the Cambodian genocide, which took place between 1975 and 1979. It has been established that the Khmer Rouge targeted particular groups of people, among them Buddhist monks, ethnic minorities, and educated elites, who were …

Things That Will Cause a Car Accident

Today, there are many car accidents, some are fatal and some leave passengers with lifelong problems. Car accidents are one of the leading factors why the death rate is continuously rising. In this essay I will discuss how speeding, distractions, and how the weather cause car accidents. The most distinguished …

A Day to Remember: a Sudden Impact of Accident

My day started just like any other, waking up to my dog jumping on my stomach .I moped around my house in my leopard print pajamas, and didn’t make much of the daylight. I opened my fridge. Hungry, yet to lazy to make something to eat. My phone was vacant …

A Fatal Accident

A situation in which someone is hurt or something Is damaged, without anyone intending it to happen is an accident. This story is about a fatal accident I witnessed on my way to school this morning. On this faithful morning as I headed for school there was a traffic jam …

Who Causes Collisions?

There are many different reasons why people always get in car accidents. Here are some very common attributes of people who usually get in car crashes and some simple solutions to stop bad habits. Inexperience There are many inexperienced drives who are out on the streets. Inexperience can cause collisions …

My Accidental Jihad

1. What is the relationship between the title of the essay and its content? Interpret the title and explain what it means to you. Do you consider the title captivating? The relationship between the title and the context is the author’s story of describing the struggles to be understanding towards …

Fire Accidents

Mt. Iriga or also known as Mt. Asog, a 1,470 meters high volcano is one of the major mountains in the Bicol Region. Lying near the City of Iriga in Camarines Sur, this inactive volcano offers a breath-taking view of the southern mountains including Mt Isarog on the northern side …

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