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Who Causes Collisions?

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There are many different reasons why people always get in car accidents. Here are some very common attributes of people who usually get in car crashes and some simple solutions to stop bad habits. Inexperience

There are many inexperienced drives who are out on the streets. Inexperience can cause collisions because usually the driver either does not understand the rules and regulations of the road, or they panic in unusual situations. The definition of inexperienced is “ Lacking physical experience or training”. If you are an inexperienced driver you should always be cautious on the road and know what your doing. Don’t go to fast if you know you are not capable is safely controlling your vehicle at high speeds. If you know your inexperienced, try driving with a friend or someone who can help/ instruct you on the way.

There are so many distractions that can lead to inattentive driving. I have only ever been in one car accident and I’m pretty sure it was mostly because of inattention. Our car was rear ended by a young man. I know that he was not paying attention because when the police showed up he said that he was looking down at his radio adjusting the channels. Inattention can cause serious accidents because the driver is is paying little to no attention on the road. How are you supposed to drive without paying attention? Some good habits to start considering if you know you are easily distracted are, putting electronic devices such as cell phone and I-pods away from your reach. You could also try actually paying attention to the road and maybe begin to understand how the traffic work in what area and how to avoid bad driving conditions.

Being inconsiderate is probably one of most impolite thing to do. Many drivers are usually inconsiderate to other drivers needs and conditions. They dint understand what the other driver is experiencing and usually assume that they are just a terrible driver. Inconsiderate driving can lead to easily avoidable crashes, that did not need to happen. An inconsiderate driver usually assess the situations and then promptly tries to either tell you what to do or take matters into there own hands. This behaviour can cause accidents because other drivers have no idea what you are planning to do. Some solutions you can use to stop your self from being an inconsiderate driver are, try putting yourself in other drivers shoes and see if you would feel upset with yourself and your actions. You can even ask family members or colleagues on what they think is inconsiderate and what is not. That will usually get you to have a good understanding of what being inconsiderate really is.

Impatience is one of the most common driving habits in the world. I know that everyone has heard a car impatiently honk their horn at car in front of them, beside them, and even at cars who are honking at other cars. Impatience can be easily avoided by following these simple steps: maybe you could plan out a different route which you know wont have as much traffic, try leaving earlier from your home to give you plenty of time to arrive at your destination, you can even try listening to calm and soothing music to help you calm down and calmly asses the situation. Ignorance

Ignorance is defined as “ Lack of knowledge or information”. Many drivers always think they know what there doing, which sometimes can lead to errors in driving and confidence that over rides practicality. One type of example of an ignorant driver would be speeding. Almost every accident related with speeding is cause by ignorance. The driver think that they can handle the speed but all of a sudden they start to lose traction and spin out of control inevitably injuring people in and around the car. Ignorance is one of the most frustrating causes of accidents for me, because all of the crashes could easily be prevented.

Inability has two sides to it. There is one side that is almost like ignorance where the driver think they can do it but really can’t, or there is inability when drivers stumble across tough driving situations that they are not ready or prepared for. The first version of inability that I’m talking about is getting in over your head. An example of this type of inability would be when the driver says something along the lines of “Don’t worry I can get us there is 15 minutes”. When this trip should usually take at least 25 minutes the driver will speed on the roads causing dangerous situations for other drivers as well as exceeding his own limits and inevitably crashing the vehicle. The other type of inability might be something like icy condition in which the driver does not know how to compensate and cooperate with that certain condition. Some ways to prevent inability is, driving at your comfortable level of skill and also educating yourself in unusual safety maneuvers in case of rare instances.

An irresponsible driver usually does not care about or acknowledge other drivers, road signs and laws of the road. Irresponsibility can cause many accidents just because of carelessness of the driver. For example a irresponsible driver will not pay attention to speed limit road signs, if they end up going to fast they could lose control or even hit an other vehicle. Some solutions for a irresponsible driver would be, pay attention to road signs, other vehicles and pedestrians. They could also practice taking responsibility for there actions on the road and start practising good driving habits, like regular vision checks.

Impairment is when the driver is not in there sober state usually because of alcohol, illegal drugs and prescription drugs. The most common type of impaired driving is drunk driving. Being intoxicated while driving gives you severe side effects like, loss of depth perception, spinning and dizziness, and blurred vision. When all of these symptoms are put together you will probably get into a major accident. Some solutions to stop impaired driving are, call a taxi and don’t drive home, make plans in advance so you don’t have to worry about getting home, get a sober friend to drive you home. All of these easy safety precautions are reliable and can save your life if you follow them instead of driving home impaired. -Improper seeing habits

Improper seeing habits usually consist of, not checking mirrors, looking at gadgets and radio tuning inside the vehicle. Improper seeing habits can easily be fixed if you recognize them before its to late. Improper seeing habits can cause major accidents simply because the driver did not see the car or obstruction the he collided with. Some easy fixes to improper seeing habits are, continuously check your mirrors and get used to doing it, use steering wheel tuning ability if applicable, if not try to look up while tuning and listen for the right station.

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