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Moral Development Essays

Interesting Thoughts Related to Dissecting Hookup Culture

As modern society progresses, the taboo surrounding discussions of sex remain unclear and leaves behind confused adolescents. As short term relationships’ relevance becomes more apparent in our world, its ambiguous nature confuses our innate need to develop meaningful relationships. Looking past the arousal of acceptability of hook-up culture will reveal …

Kai Leigh Harriot - Wyy She Should be Considered a Hero

It’s sometimes difficult to forgive others, especially if they’ve wronged you in any way. You see yourself holding back malicious thoughts or feelings. Now, put yourself in Kai Leigh Harriott’s shoes. When Kai Leigh Harriott was only three-years-old, she was hit by a stray bullet and lost the ability to …

Stealing and Moral Reasoning: Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development

            Numerable instances in an individual’s life challenge his or her moral capacities and inhibitions. Such judgment based on moral reasoning was studied by Jean Piaget in a four-stage constructive theory of cognitive development, and was further explored by Lawrence Kohlberg in his six-stage constructive theory of moral development.             …

Educational Psychology: Moral Development and Education

Abstract             Due to concerns about an imminent moral crisis, the issue of moral development and education has gained popularity. Decades’ worth of moral and cognitive development theories have provided various and conflicting approaches to moral education. The question now is which theory or approach best serves the need for …

Kohlberg’s Moral Development

Is it morally acceptable to steal food from the wealthy to feed the poor? This was the type of question Lawrence Kohlberg, an American-born Harvard Professor, would ask of his research subjects. Dr. Kohlberg was fascinated by the cognitive development work proposed by Swiss theorist Jean Piaget (Long, n.d.). “Kohlberg’s …

Moral Development 2 Years to 19 Years

2 1/2 Years. Toddlers learn that others share their world; others have needs and rights, too. At this age the child does not yet have the ability to judge something as “right” or “wrong” but they are directed by what others tell him. At this age a child doesn’t yet …

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