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How to Write a Satire Essay

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There are lots of tasks which students have to prepare during the university course. Some of them are easy while others require lots of time and efforts. Preparing a satire essay is one of the most challenging ones because it should be something like a literary piece of writing. You should pay attention to each step because you will have to use lots of creativity to make this paper of excellent quality. By reading this article, you will understand how to do this homework quicker and easier than you thought. All the best recommendations and samples from professional writers are gathered here.

What is a Satire Essay

Before we get to the definition of this type of paper, we need to understand what satire means in the literary vocabulary. It is a frequently used term in the literature. It is the mockery of some situations, people’s characters or behavior with the aim to criticise and show disapproval. Its main difference from the irony is that the latter type is kinder and more friendly oriented. However, a satire essay is about serious negative mocking and criticism of people. The most popular theme is about politicians and public features. A caricature is closely related to satirical writing but in an essay you “draw” the caricature in black and white. The source of information for writing your paper is hidden in newspaper articles, posts, TV shows about people who are under the constant public eye.

Satire Essay Topics

  • The influence of social media networks on contemporary means of communication.
  • No high payments for jobs which deserve good salaries.
  • A portrait of typical arrogant bosses.
  • What does the government do with the budget?
  • Promoting alcohols consumption in advertisements.
  • Early pregnancy as a social or family issue.
  • Lack of practice in universities.
  • The difference between children’s and adults’ perception of the world.
  • Deceptive appearance.
  • What do modern movies teach us?

Satire Essay on Social Media

The influence of social media has changed immensely over the last decades. And it is no wonder because people started to spend more and more time on social networks where they communicate with friends, work, have fun. Now this virtual world has become an indispensable part of our lives because it gives people lots new opportunities. This change brought about lots of problems such as lack of real face-to-face communication. There are lots of topics for writing an article about social media network.

  • Building life online without having a real one.
  • How people show emotions on social networks.
  • Political campaigns on the Internet.
  • Blogging as a style of life or work?
  • Deceptive Instagram life.

Satire Essay on Obesity

The spread of fast food restaurants has triggered the problem of obesity among people who don’t lead an active lifestyle. There are lots of people who are overweight, but they continue eating cakes, McDonald’s meals, and this looks outrageous. You can write an article about this problem, and this may motivate others to go healthy.

Satire Essay on School

The satirical theme about the school can be related to various methods of teaching, reasons for children’s playing truancy, lack of practice, and other topics. It is significant to understand the problem which is ongoing at school. You will have to research this topic, even ask teachers and pupils to understand which controversial issue can be your idea theme for your essay.

Satire Essay on Drugs

Drugs consumption is not banned in all countries. Lots of movies even promote taking drugs as if it is cool. You can raise this issue in your paper and picture the situation with drugs in your article. It is a good idea to find scandalous articles about drugs and use them as proof in your essay.

Satire Essay on Texting

The language of texting has become a new form of transmitting information. It is even possible to create a new language of emoji and hashtags. It is an excellent platform for ironic ideas because people change their methods of communication and sometimes is not in the best way. Your satire can focus on how people lost that spiritual connection when talking in real life. For them, it is more interesting to send a message than have a real talk.

Guidelines on Writing Satire Essays

There are several rules which you have to bear in mind before writing your essay. Analyze the guidelines which will help you prepare a top-notch work step by step.

  • Find similar essay samples online. This will help you understand which idea and tone you need to transmit to your reader.
  • Choose the sphere which you are going to analyze: school, universities, social media, politics, drugs, etc.
  • Select the specific topic within the chosen sphere.
  • Find new sources for future usage and make notes for preliminary bibliography.
  • Prepare an outline and then begin writing the essay.

How to Start a Satire Essay

Your introduction should present the topic clearly for readers. There shouldn’t be any ambiguous thoughts after reading the introductory sentences. Your target audience needs to have a general understanding which issue you are going to discuss. Although this essay is related to creative writing, you shouldn’t forget about simple rules of academic writing. Include your thesis statement at the end of the introduction.

Satire Essay Outline


present your satirical topic.

Main body

Paragraph 1

show one aspect of the theme to prove the thesis;

add examples.

Paragraph 2

show another aspect of the topic to support your main idea;

prove the idea with examples, quotes.


summarize the main notes of your paper.

Satire Essay Examples

“The author of the novel “Maus” Art Spiegelman implements various techniques to create a satirical effect. He uses animals instead of real people to show that during the war people are considered small mice without own opinion and character. Even the form of the novel is not ordinary because he adds dialogues into comics. It looks not serious if not reading the entire text but only flipping through. However, when the reader understands that there is a tragedy of Holocaust discussed in these comics, you feel confused and engaged in the story. The usage of animals and comics help author add hidden satirical attitude to the nonsense of war, killing others, admitting that some nations are higher than others. Also, this method allows the writer to transmit a clear idea to the target audience with the ironic aftertaste.”

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