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Criticism Essays

My Own Account of Spiritual Experience while Considering the Philosophies Peddled by Emerson, James, and Huxley, and Caillois

The term religion is so common among us, and a majority of people across the globe ascribe to certain religious beliefs. Notably, different religious organizations have distinct ways of practicing their faith. The norms attributed to these religious organizations vary to the extent of how they worship, and even who …

Constructive Criticism

Should the team and the leader offer open constructive criticism to each other? Yes they should offer open constructive criticism to each other. Open constructive criticism is the process whereby team members and the leader interact to a point whereby both parties are free to express to each other, their …

Perelman and Olbrechst-Tyteca/Derida

The achievements of arriving at a conclusion by deliberation through the means of rational self-argumentation have meaning in so far as it refers to actual or possible experience of the individual. The task of such an argumentation was to lead oneself and the audience to understand the nature of the …

Lin Article Critique

The purpose of this article is to critique the title and introduction of the Wei-Len Lin (2004) article titled “Effects of Forgiveness Therapy on Anger, Mood, and Vulnerability to Substance Use Among Inpatient Substance-Dependent Clients”. The study demonstrated the importance of substance dependent inpatients confronting resentments from the past as …

Children Live What They Learn

Children, according to studies, only 70% of their brains are developed. As they grow, the remaining 30% of their brain are also in the process. What the children see and learn is transmitted to their brains. That’s why we should teach them the right things because everything that they see …

Marxist Criticism and Christian Perspective of Macbeth

It is clear from an analysis of Macbeth that it embodies aspects of the dominant ideology at the time that it was written. The play acts as propaganda for a monarchial leadership and therefore a marxist criticism of the play should be looked at. As the essential meaning of any …

Sexuality In Bram Stoker's Dracula

Sexuality in Bram Stoker’s DraculaBram Stoker’s Dracula, favorably received by critics upon publication in 1897, entertained its Victorian audience with unspeakable horrors such as vampires invading bedrooms to prey on beautiful maidens under the guise of night. The novel’s eroticism proved even more unspeakable. Received in the era of repression, …

Stephen A. Reid's Article The "Unspeakable Rites" in "Heart of Darkness"

Reid’s article brings the “Unspeakable Rites” in Conrad’s “Heart of darkness” into focus. It mainly raises the question of whether critics should examine Kurtz’s rites or leave them unexamined. These rites are so horrible and terrible to the extent that critics have refused to examine them. These critics take such …

History and Development of Stylistics

Stylistics can be said to have started in the form of rhetoric. Rhetoric, originally seen as the study of oratory and prose, developed in Greece in the 5th Century B.C. By the end of the 3rd and 2nd Century B.C. it had evolved into a systematic study. In Rome, rhetoric …

My Mother's Blue Bowl - Literary Criticism

In the short story, “My Mother’s Blue Bowl” by Alice Walker, Alice’s mother is the archetypal earth mother surrounded by the materialistic external world. The mother, Mama Walker, shows her unconditional love for her children despite their challenging socio-economic state. She considers her possessions to be worth nothing to her …

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