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Documentary Essays

Compare any one documentary film with one cinema

Both films employ techniques to try to engage with the audience, for example the use of narrative, sound, lighting, camera angles, props, editing and the use of a narrator and this is what plan to explore. City of God is based on the 1997 semi autobiographical novel “Cicada De Dues” …

Analyse a media text documentary film called 14 days in May

This documentary film is about a black man on death row in the Mississippi state prison, in 1979, Edward Earl Johnson charged with the shooting of a white police marshal and the attempted rape of a 60 year old white woman. Johnson has spent 8 years on death row appealing …

The Dutch Documentary Controversy: An Islamic Response

Introduction             The Muslim population in The Netherlands is growing. There are over million Muslims in the country.  A prominent politician has been working for the ban of Qur’an in the country and is releasing a film about Qur’ans legitimisation of violence. This article covers the said issue; the man …

Documentary "Daughter from Danang"

“Here, my daughter is, thinking all I want is money” (I want to connect this to the end by showing how Heidi experienced CS and use the language barrier as an example). “Daughter from Danang” is a documentary about Mai Thi Heip. She was taken from her mother at age …

The codes and conventions of documentary film-making

Documentary film-making has a history as long as that of fiction film-making and began in the late 1800s. From the first developments of film cameras many people found the need to ‘document’ the life they saw around them. Film gave rise to a new and very powerful way of looking …

Spellbound Documentary

In the film Spellbound, there are many themes that are may seem evident, and then there are those which are underlying, but just as significant. One palpable premise is the levels of intensity in terms of support, studying, and the general environment from the parents. For example, Neil had a …

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