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Novel Essays

Literature is a common subject for preparing essays and articles. Novel essays help students understand literary text more thoroughly. Usually, teachers do not give a task to prepare a summary of the book because this information is available on the Internet. Anyone can easily copy the text and paraphrase to preserve authenticity. That is why students have to show their analytical thinking when discussing a novel. However, without knowing the plot, it will be impossible to prepare a valuable article. At this page, you can find many novel samples on various themes. Use a search tool to find the necessary title for investigation.

The main aim of these free examples is to give students understanding of the content of novels. You can see how the author analyzes themes, symbols, protagonists, minor characters, the historical context of the paper and many other topics. Reading our samples is a good way to boost your writing skills and understand how the paper should be structured.

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Beautiful Illustration in the Novel True Grit

True Grit The theme of revenge is illustrated perfectly in the novel True Grit. The reader is able to see how far someone is willing to go for revenge. Mattie Ross’s father was murdered by Tom Chaney when she was just fourteen years old. She has such a strong desire …

Lonely Characters in Novel on Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck

Mother Teresa Said that “ the most terrible poverty in loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved”. In his novel, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck explores the topic of loneliness expressed by several different characters. Taking place on and isolated ranch near a town called Soledad (spanish for “solitude”), …

Utopia Is Described in the Spirit of Famous Novels

The setting and the mood of a novel are very essential elements for a reader. The setting is important because it does not only paint a picture of the events, but also helps create the mood. The mood creates an atmosphere full of feelings that the reader gets from the …

The Story Of A Novel About Two Writer Friends

Some critics opinions about London Fieldsare as: Jack Kroll in “London Fields is Falling Down” review of London Fieldssays ‘its brilliant’, Leslie Mittlelman in Rev. Of London Fieldsexplains ‘its dazzling, Grove Koger in “Books Reviews: Fiction” Rev of London Fieldscalls it ‘disappointing and thin’, Bette Pesetsky in “Lust Among Ruins”Rev. …

The Useless Parents in The Metamorphosis by Kafka

In ‘The Metamorphosis’ by Kafka, Gregor who is a traveling salesman that supports has an abrupt transformation which turns him into a bug. Because Gregor is the exclusive provider of the family, this transformation deprived them of their sole source of income. While their father can work, he elects not …

Analysis of the character Bertha Mason and her importance in the novel Jane Eyre

Bertha Mason is quite possibly the biggest antagonist in ‘Jane Eyre’. Although Master Reed and Mrs Reed are emotionally and physically cruel to Jane, Bertha potentially does the most amount of damage to her, intentionally or indirectly. The scene in which Bertha is revealed is arguably the most important scene …

How does Charles Dickens create characters that are both memorable and striking in the novel ‘Great Expectations’

In ‘Great Expectations’ Charles Dickens shows his marvellous talent by creating archetypal characters that readers can genuinely sympathise with and relate to. With an intricate mix of dialogues, direct description, setting and atmosphere, Dickens fashions characters that are striking and memorable. He utilises the characters to a great effect in …

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