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Critical Analysis Essay Topic List

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Each of you knows how it could be difficult to choose a good topic for the essay. Sometimes, it is significantly challenging, especially if you don’t have enough knowledge in the particular field. However, you can face the same problem even if you are given the opportunity to choose the topic of the essay writing assignment on your own. In this case, having such freedom of choice, you can get lost in the variety of different options. It is important to choose a good topic for the essay since your choice may contribute to the successful completion of the assignment. Now, it is a high time to explain what is the notion of analysis essay.

What is a Critical Analysis Essay?

In general, the primary goal of writing the critical analysis essay is to increase the understanding of a particular theme or situation. Evidently, a critical analysis essay is usually regarded as subjective writing since it expresses the opinions, beliefs, and thoughts of the writer. While writing the analysis essay, you have the opportunity to express your point of view regarding a subject matter. Traditionally, the common critical analysis essay consists of three main parts. The list of these parts includes the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. In your writing, you should analyze the point from different perspectives and take into consideration all the aspects related to this issue. Some topics require a detailed discussion of the controversial and contrasting findings to analyze them and introduce a thoughtful opinion on the issue.

How to Choose an Analysis Essay Topic?

When you have a freedom to choose the topic for your essay, you may be confused. Think green! You have a chance to choose the topic of your interest. So, what is the most important to be done? The first and foremost thing you should do is to define the purpose of the essay that should be written. It is important to understand whether you want to inform people about something, educate them about particular issues, or persuade them to believe in something. When the purpose of the essay is defined, it is a high time to brainstorm the subjects of your interest. Look around! Pay attention to the things or activities you like, think about the issues that seem interesting to you. In the case, if you choose a topic of your interest, you will be more likely to write a good critical analysis. The reason for this is the fact that you won’t force yourself to finish this assignment. You will enjoy writing the essay since you will have the opportunity to learn something new regarding your topic of interest. Another useful tip implies that it would be a great idea to think about the topics that might attract the attention of the readers.

A List of Critical Analysis Essay Topics for College Students

First of all, it is evident that you can write about anything. While studying at college, students often receive a task to write the analysis essay. These critical analysis essays may belong to some different fields. For instance, the list of this fields may include the topics related to sports, technology, economics, religion, culture, history, literature, movies and TV, crime, environment, and so on. Each of the topics mentioned above is interesting, but, indeed, it takes the great efforts to write a critical analysis essay. Hence, it depends on you whether you will dedicate a large amount of time to write about a boring and challenging topic or learn something new about the issue you are interested in.

A List of Topics on Sports

You can find below the list of topics that may seem interesting to you. If you have some knowledge about the particular topic, you can choose it and try to learn different sides of the issue. Even if you feel strongly about the chosen topic for the essay, don’t forget to do the objective summary and support your statements with the evidence and references to the other researchers.

1. Describe the types of injuries that might have the bodybuilders or the weightlifters.

While writing this essay, you should gather the data regarding the bodybuilding and weightlifting. Since these kinds of sports are regarded as the most challenging, the bodybuilders and weightlifters might have some injuries and traumas. Gather all the information and summarize it. You can also find a statistical data that compares different types of injuries and their frequency.

2. Dope in Sports

Some sports have a disastrous statistics of drug use during the competitions. It is a well-known fact that the illegal enhancements and steroid use are forbidden in any sports. Summarize the given situation and all the findings. Describe the effects of the drug use on the athletes and the gameplay as well. Analyze all the points from different perspectives.

3. Effective functional sports nutrition

To keep fit, the sportsmen should follow a particular diet known as functional sports nutrition. You can find the data regarding the main components of sports nutrition. Analyze it and summarize the findings. Finally, you can mention the effects of such nutrition on the athletes’ organisms.

4. A Variety of Doping Control Tests

This topic is of great importance since the issue of dope is a common problem in the sports today. Do research and find the information regarding the different doping control tests. Summarize the data and analyze which doping control test is the most efficient.

5. Effects of Caffeine on the Athletes

The major number of the sportsmen consumes caffeine. Describe the situation from different perspectives. Analyze positive and negative effects of caffeine on the athletes’ health.

A List of Topics on Technology

The field of technology is always associated with particular innovations that change our lives.

1. Impact of Technology on the Modern Medicine

First of all, in this essay, you should explain the relationship between the technology and the modern medicine. In this case, you may introduce not only the positive effects of the medicine but also the negative ones. Summarize the findings and write the effective conclusion.

2. Technology and Genetic Engineering

The field of genetic engineering is a broad topic for a discussion. However, in this essay, you should relate it to the field of technology. Discuss how the innovative technology contributes to the development of genetic engineering.

3. Teenagers’ Addiction to Technology

At present, social media addiction is considered to be a great social problem. Evidently, social media and technology can be regarded as the synonyms. Hence, this topic will be a good option for your essay. Discuss the negative effects of teenagers’ obsession with the innovative technology.

4. Virtual Reality in Education

The use of virtual reality in education is a very controversial topic. In the main body of the paper, you can discuss pros and cons of the use of virtual reality. Summarize your findings and conclude whether it should be used at colleges and universities.

5. The use of Technology is Classroom is a Good Idea

At present, the major part of educational establishments uses technology in the classrooms. Compare the advantages and drawbacks of its use and write the effective conclusion.

A List of Topics on Economics

1. History of Economic Thought

This topic is very broad, and you can choose a particular aspect of this issue to be discussed. For instance, you can take several theories and thinkers that you like the most. Search for some publication that denies the theories that you want to discuss in the essay. Write a conclusion where you will summarize all your findings.

2. Forecasting and Economic Measuring

The issue of economic growth is a topic of interest of any organization or company. Since there are some ways of economic measuring, you can choose several points for your essay. Mention why do you think the chosen ways of economic measuring are the best ones.

3. Emerging Areas in Economics

Since everything forges ahead, the new economic areas also emerge. You can discuss the changes that are the most interesting for you. You can find the materials related to the topic and use it as evidence for your statements.

4. Economic Benefits of the Diversity in the Workplace.

The researchers always claim that diversity has a significantly positive impact on the development of any organization. In this paper, you have the opportunity to discuss this issue from the economic perspective. Summarize the most important points and write the effective conclusion.

5. The Notion of Globalization

The notion of globalization is known for the majority of people. However, some of them don’t know that there are two sides of the same coin. First of all, globalization has its pros and cons. Define both sides of globalization in the paper. In conclusion, summarize your findings and restate the thesis.

A List of Topics on Religion

1. Religious Beliefs VS Scientific Beliefs

This point might be a very effective topic for writing a good essay. The fields of science and religion have the endless conflict. In your essay, point out some issues that enhance their conflict. Also, you can mention which side of the conflict do you support.

2. The Notion of Religious Freedom

First of all, discuss what the freedom of religion is. Then, express your opinion regarding this issue. Explore whether all the world’s countries have the freedom of religion. Summarize your findings in the conclusion of the paper.

3. Religion in the American Public Schools

Taking into consideration the title of the essay, it becomes evident that you can write anything in this essay. However, in this case, it would be a good idea to talk about the current law related to the religious activity in public schools. You can agree or disagree with the current legal action related to this issue.

4. Halloween – Myths and Facts

Although everyone thinks that knows everything about Halloween, in fact, it is a very mysterious celebration. In your essay, you can talk about the most common myths related to this event. Apart from that, you should analyze them and provide the facts about the celebration.

5. Female Priests and Pastors

The women’s ordination often experiences some negative attitudes of the society. In this essay, you can provide the statistical data related to the ordination of women. Apart from that, express your opinion regarding this topic. Do you think women can serve as priests or pastors?

A List of Topics on Culture

1. Obesity and Culture

Some researchers claim that race, ethnicity, and culture influence obesity. In turn, some scientists deny this point of view. Summarize all the findings and analyze them.

2. The Notion of Multiculturalism

In this essay, you can discuss whether multiculturalism has failed. It would be a great idea to introduce the attitudes to the multiculturalism of different researchers. Express your opinion regarding this issue as well.

3. Gender Roles are Changing

At present, gender role, evidently, are changing. There are several reasons why it is happening. Discuss every reason using your critical thinking.

4. Effects of Stereotyping

It is a well-known fact that some nations and ethnicities are more likely to suffer from stereotyping than the others. What are the negative consequences of stereotyping? What actions can improve the situation? Answer the questions using your critical thinking.

5. What is Music Therapy?

At present, the professionals in the field of medicine often use the music therapy. Discuss its effectiveness and support your statements with the evidence. Summarize the findings and analyze them.

A List of Topics on History

1. The Significance of the Battle of Hastings

Discuss one of the most important battles in the entire history of England. Examine whether both sides of the battle got the particular advantages. It would be a great idea to use some historical materials related to the topic and use them as evidence.

2. The Impact of Carl Marx

Since you have chosen one of the most prominent historical figures for your essay, be ready to discuss his impact from both positive and negative perspectives.Identify your opinion regarding his achievements and failures.

3. The History of Medicine

In this essay, you have the opportunity to explore how the medical practices have changed over the course of the world’s history. Discuss some ways of both traditional and alternative medicine.

4. The Achievements of the American Civil Rights Movement

From the critical point of view, talk about one of the most important events in the history of the United States known as the Americal Civil Rights Movement. Think about another result of this movement. How might this different result have influenced the country’s development at that time?

5. Julius Caesar as Dictator

Julius Caesar is a famous Roman politician and military general that made a significant contribution to the development the society. However, his strategies were quite violent and cruel. Discuss this issue using your critical thinking skills.

A List of Topics on Literature

1. Describe the climax of the novel and analyze it.

Take into consideration the structure of the novel, and explain how the author managed to create a climax in writing.

2. The Use of Irony in the Novel.

Mention wherein the novel did you find the use of irony. Provide the quotations to support your statement. Think how the irony contributes to the meaning.

3. Describe the changes of the protagonist over the course of the writing.

First of all, it should be mentioned how did the protagonist change. Analyze the possible reasons for such changes. Do not forget to provide the quotations from the novel.

4. Take into consideration the historical context of a story.

Analyze the historical context of the novel. Analyze how the individual’s understanding of this context may lead to the better understanding of the novel.

5. Compare different genres of literature.

All the genres in literature have some common features as well as the points that differentiate them from each other. Analyze both sides of the issue using your critical thinking skills.

A List of Topics in Movies and TV

1. Talk about the most terrible movie you have ever seen.

Analyze the movie from different perspectives. Discuss why this movie cannot be recommended to the readers.

2. Describe the concept of American Dream in a movie you have chosen.

The concept of American Dream is a common topic used in the American movies. Choose a movie you like and write about the elements used by director related to the notion of American Dream.

3. Discuss the social problem in any movie you have seen.

You can choose any social problem that is interesting to you. The list of social problems includes drug abuse, domestic violence, social media, and so on.

4. Analyze your favorite movie from different perspectives.

Choose a movie that you like the most. Discuss what makes this film a good one.

5. Discuss the achievements of your favorite actor or the actress.

In your paper, talk about your favorite actor or actress. Discuss the achievements and failures. Answer the question what contributed to the success of this actor or actress.

A List of Topics on Crime

1. The Issue of Gun Control.

The issue of gun control is one of the most controversial topics for a discussion among the modern researchers. Discuss both sides of the problem, and provide the evidence from reliable sources. Express your opinion regarding this issue.

2. What Do You Think about Capital Punishment?

This issue is another controversial. While some researchers support the death penalty, the other denies it is talking about the human rights. Describe your attitude to the issue of capital punishment.

3. Discuss the risk society.

What do you think about the risk society? Why is it regarded as the risk society?

4. Punishment or Forgiveness?

To punish or to forgive? Write the essay using your critical thinking skills.

5. The Social Issue of Human Trafficking.

Discuss the social problem related to human trafficking. What can be done to solve this issue?

A List of Topics on Environment

1. Air, Soil, and Water Pollution.

In this essay, you can talk about some threats to the environment. Write about the effects of air, soil, and water pollution.

2. Describe the threats to the biodiversity.

Describe the factors that might have a negative effect on the biodiversity. Also, you can list the consequences of such a negative impact.

3. The Notion of Renewable Energy.

What sources of renewable energy do you know? Using your critical thinking skills, identify the most efficient one.

4. What Do You Know about Utilization of Water Resources?

In this paper, talk about the utilization of water resources. Do not forget its effects on the environment.

5. The Outcomes of Deforestation.

Evidently, deforestation has a significant negative impact on the environment. Explain how the environment is affected, and describe the possible consequences of this issue.

Critical Analysis Essay Example

Introduction: In this part, you should introduce your topic to the reader. It is a great chance to demonstrate your background knowledge regarding the issue. Do not forget to write your thesis statement in the last sentence of the introduction.

Main Body: The main body should be divided into several paragraphs. All the paragraphs should describe a different aspect of the topic discussed in the essay. The only thing you should remember is that every statement introduced in the main body should be supported by evidence. Hence, you have to make some references to the books and articles related to this issue.

Conclusion: In this part, you should summarize all the findings mentioned in the main body. Apart from that, remember to restate your thesis.

References: This part should include the list of the additional materials used in the paper.

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