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High School Experience Essays

Сhemistry Expert

A chemist is someone who is an expert in chemistry. They are engaged in chemical research, experiments, and analysis to manufactured products and create new goods. They work in indoor laboratories and other environmentally safe places to do research. On a day to day basis they are trying to learn …

Rise in Education in America

When Christopher Columbus discovered America, a rush of people fled there to seek a better life. The Europeans wanted to travel to the New World for three reasons, religiously, for fame, and to be economically better. People wanted to spread Christianity to the Native Americans where missionaries would sail to …

The Role of Public Colleges

This literature review explores dissertations, studies, interviews, and peer reviewed articles to explore soft skills and their role in community college curriculum, co-curriculum, employee development and workforce needs. The topics addressed include: the role community colleges play in developing soft skills, defining soft skills, employer soft skill needs, current soft …

Prison Rehabilitation

Today’s prison system is a system pre-designed and constructed to warehouse the people of undeveloped and lower economical communities. Men and women are sent to prison for free labor and further economical gain by the states. Mass incarceration has increased tremendously over the last four decades. It has destroyed families …

Life after prison

In today’s society prison systems are pre-made and constructed to warehouse the people of undeveloped and lower economical communities. Individuals are sent to prison for prison labor and economical gain by the states. Mass incarceration has increased tremendously over the last four decades. It has destroyed families, black communities, and …

Who Promotes Relationships With Students And Staff Of The LGBTQI Community

Many states and public K-12 school districts across the country have yet to implement nondiscrimination clauses based on sexual orientation (Human Rights Campaign, 2013). Members of the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) sexual minority fear loss of their career within the profession of public education if open about …

Love of comics

Steve Ditko, (Stephen John Ditko) a comic book author and artist known for his work and of course as well being the co-creator on the Marvel Comics characters “Spider-Man” and “Doctor Strange.” Ditko, although his characters being full of creativity, life, and more specifically relatable, he shied away from the …

Analytical results

There are over 450,000 athletes competing at the collegiate level across 24 different sports in the United States (NCAA, 2012). Many children are coerced into sports as children, by their parents, to get involved and find a passion or hobby in life. But should parents be encouraging their children into …

The First Decision of an Adult

Graduating from high school and deciding on whether to enter the workforce or go to college is one of the first decisions that you make as an adult. Ensuring you have the stepping stones to succeed as a productive citizen and can have the opportunities to make sufficient earnings to …

Quiz Results

After completing the “Evaluate Your Lifestyle” assessment, I have concluded that I would like to improve on the mental health section of the quiz. Mental health is very important in an individual’s life and is important to one’s success. When it comes to my personal needs, I will focus on …

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