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The Seven Ages of Man Argumentative

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If you were a Hollywood movie producer, and you were remaking this video for a 21st century audience, what celebrity or well-known person would you cast as the speaker, and where would you set the scene? Compare or contrast your choices with at least one of the given versions from this lesson. speaker/Setting –OR– Product/Ad Description

The speaker and setting are clearly identified
Compare/Contrast 17–20
You have compared and/or contrasted with excellent detail your version with at least one version from the lesson. Complete Paragraph 9–10
You have written a complete paragraph of at least 7–10 sentences. Spelling/Grammar
Contains zero noticeable errors in spelling or grammar.

If I were remaking this scene for the 21st century I would use someone well known. Someone who would interpret the poem the way I have. Brad Pitt I would use him simply because he’s a very good actor and seems as if he easily gets into the role of things. I think he could portray this into a way people in the 21st century could understand.

In the piece “The Seven Ages of Man,” the speaker is comparing life to a dramatic play in which people are like actors in a play. The speaker speculates that our world is merely a stage in which people make an entrance (live) or make an exit (die). In this poem, man plays seven parts in his lifetime in between the entrance and exit. A man starts out as a helpless infant and then becomes a whiny schoolboy who eventually becomes a lover and a soldier. In the latter part of a man’s life he is a wise judge, an old man that loses strength and all of his senses and becomes dependent on others as if he is an infant again.

A man’s final stage is death leaving behind a corpse and a story full of events. If I were, a Hollywood movie producer, and I were remaking “The Seven Ages of Man,” by Shakespear, for a 21st century audience, I would use the celebrity Brad Pitt as the speaker in a small city in Europe. Brad Pitt is very well known and could act out the scene the same way that I have interpreted the poem. He is a great actor and has experience playing a similar role in a fable “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” about a man who ages backwards with bizarre consequences. I think he could deliver the poem to people in the 21st century in a way that they would fully comprehend. The delivery of dialog can portray a different interpretation. Instead of having Brad Pitt deliver this poem like a monologue as if he is in deep thought I would h

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