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Media Essays

Perceived Political Polarization: The Loss Of Purple Politics

You’ve heard the narrative before. Republicans are getting redder, Democrats are getting bluer, and the middle is dissipating. Media coverage, divide in Congress, and the way people talk about politics with friends and family all seem to be evidence of this overwhelming and omnipresent political polarization. While there is empirical …

Looking Glass Self – Women and the Media

A sociological analysis based on Cooley’s Looking glass with reference to functionalist, conflict, feminist and symbolic theories in regards to the media and how self concept is developed and distorted based on modern day values and beliefs that are displayed in the media.Cooley’s Looking Glass Self and the MediaSociological theory …

Media Analysis Cast Away

Cast Away is a “story of a workaholic who must learn to live without work, without clocks, and without people” (Soares, 2011) after being stranded on an island. The amazing thing is that the majority of this movie contains no dialogue and is filled with many visual cues to get …

Media Essay: Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan is an action and war film made in 1998. The ideas of the film were based on real events from World War II. This film is directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Robert Rodat, focusing on the action in Normandy. The general plot of the film, …

The media has done more harm than good

Can you imagine life without TV?, or without computers, the internet, radio, newspapers, or any other form of media? Just imagine a day in your life, without any form of media, how would it feel? We all will have to agree that beyond doubt, life really would be miserable, and …

The role of the media in the OJ Simpson case

In the early hours of June 13th 1994, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers arrived at the murder scene, two severely mutilated bodies a woman lay in a short black dress which by now was drenched in her own blood she was sprawled face down in a lake of blood …

The Truman Show is a powerful satire on media intrusion into people’s lives

The very first time I watched ‘The Truman Show’ I thought, wow! What a great film, and never thought in too much detail about it. My subconscious concentrated on the obvious, and without realising, I’d missed a lot of the main points that would have helped my understanding of the …

A pop music essay on arts and media

Popular music a melodic type that has after some time looked for universal praise through it one of a kind shapes and consistent meeting with different renowned configuration like Jazz and Rock. This pop music essay looks for give an inside and out portrayal of the historical backdrop of the …

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