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Singer Essays

Til it happens to you by former American artist Lady Gaga about being raped

Music is loved and enjoyed by all people around the world in different ways. Its pleasant sound and sometimes inspirational lyrics can make it an important element in a person’s life. One song, in particular, that was trending during the year of 2015 was, “Til it happens to you,” by …

Same Love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“Same Love” is a song by a famous American hip hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The song was released as the third single from their album “The Heist” that was written/made in 2012. The song, features Mary Lambert, an american singer/songwriter. It talks about the issue of gay and …

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Case Study Free essay example: Tokunbo Adebanjo 27/09/2009 Michael Jackson Case Study Michael Joseph Jackson, popularly known as the “King of Pop”, was born on 29th August 1958 in Indiana, USA, and was arguably one of the greatest popstars who ever lived, as well as one of the …

Michael Jackson Biography

He was known as the “King of Pop” but his rein on the thrown wasn’t always easy. Michael Jackson was born on August 29th, 1958. He was raised in Gary, Indiana by his two parents Joseph and Katherine Jackson. He had eight siblings he had grown up with, five brothers …

Analysis of "Eminem Is Right" by Mary Eberstadt

Mary Eberstadt begins her excerpt from Home-Alone America: The Hidden Toll of Day Care, Behavioral Drugs, and Other Parent Substitutes by addressing the parental agenda on adolescent popular music and its degradation. She implies that the argument is ironic, stating that the parents of today’s teens are of the baby-boom …

My Favorite Singer

My favorite singer, Taylor Swift, is a famous and successful singer in American. Her real name is Taylor Alison Swift, she has a father,a mother and a brother. When she in standard five, she already can write a poem named” A Monster in my closet” , and she won a …

Why Did the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland Fail?

To understand the failure of the 1798 rebellion we need to consider the nature of Irish society prior to the rebellion. The upheavals of the 1600s resulted in the confiscation of almost all land owned by Catholics.[1, 2] The Penal Laws aimed at the Catholic majority and the dissenters meant …

Rebellion Analysis: Good or Bad?

William Butler Yeats’s poems “Easter 1916” and “The Second Coming” each portray the theme of rebellion. However, rebellion is not always heroic and these two poems clash with one another to prove this point. “Easter 1916” contains text which presents rebellion as a positive action; whereas, “The Second Coming” makes …

Reemergence of Political Parties 1820-1840

Alexander Hamilton’s plan for a National Bank created controversy in our country. The argument was whether it was “constitutional”. Despite warnings from George Washington two political parties were created. Hamilton led the federalists and Jefferson led the Democratic-Republicans. After the War of 1812 our country entered an Era of Good …

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