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The Right Passenger

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1: Write a summary of ”The Right Passengers” in about 150 words. The Right passengers, is about a man named Nadeem Riaz he is a Pakistani, whom is a taxi driver in USA. One day Nadeem Riaz picks up a young Pakistani named Faisal and a white girl. Faisal and the girl make out on the backseat and that repulses Nadeem Riaz very much, so when the girl steps out of the taxi, Nadeem Riaz and Faisal get into an argument about what Faisal is doing with the white girl and about what they each are doing in the USA. At last Faisal gets out of the taxi completely stupor, and runs away from the receipt. 2: Characterize Nadeem Riaz.

Nadeem Riaz is a Pakistani, living in the USA with a green card. He is a taxi driver in New York and he is a lowly worker. He doesn’t like to be talked down at, he expect other people to show him respect >>he drives a taxi, but, back home, in Pakistan, he owned a spare-parts shop; he was respected. He’s been in this country long enough to know that, by calling him “cabby,” she’s somehow associating him with the seedy muck of New York City<<. That is why Faisal calls Nadeem Riaz for “Riaz Uncle”. Nadeem Riaz is very religious, and he does not like the way they live life in the USA, he live by the Holy Quran, so when he sees homosexual people together and Pakistani and Caucasian together he doesn’t approve with it but he also can’t take his eyes away from what they are doing on the back seat of the taxi. >> Strangely, not once in his eight years of driving people has he had such a couple – Pakistani and Caucasian – do such things in his taxi<<. >> but the action in the back grates on him. He decides to lengthen the journey<< Nadeem doesn’t like it in the USA and he just want to go back to Pakistan.

He has a family which he supports by driving the taxi. He tries to learn the way of living I the USA but he doesn’t really get it. . 3: Comment on the conflict in lines 107-161 between Nadeem Riaz and Faisal, the young Pakistani. Nadeem Riaz and Faisal discuss about which of them use the USA the most. Nadeem agrees that he just stay in the USA to earn money and Faisal believes that he has become a citizen of the USA. Nadeem Riaz also ask questions to Faisal about his relationship with the white girl, and Nadeem Riaz immediately thinks that Faisal is just using her, which Faisal replies whit that maybe she could be his one and only. 4: Write a short essay (150-200 words) in which you discuss the culture clashes immigrants experience. Relate your essay to the short story. When you come to another country as an immigrant there is a lot of expectations, you will be expected to integrate and become one of the native.

But the difficult thing is that you still have your believes from your home country, and for example if you meet someone like yourself in the new country, you will immediately go back to your old believes and expect the other one to behave after the old religion and traditions, and if you don’t do that there will be a lot of clashes like in the short story “The Right Passenger” where Nadeem Riaz and Faisal get into a huge discussion because Faisal isn’t acting the way Nadeem Riaz wants him to behave. And Faisal is just acting like every young boy and does have fun with young girls white or black. But in Pakistan you are not allowed to act that way, and Nadeem Riaz even thinks about why aren’t Faisal married of yet. This is where the problem lies. Somebody just want to be normal and treated like every one ells, and others just want to earn money and hopefully go back home one day.

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