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Pakistan Essays

Code of Corporate Governance, Pakistan

Corporate Governance is essential to be followed in any country and economy for its economic welfare. In Pakistan, Security and exchange commission of Pakistan is the core authority to assure the implication of corporate governance. The SECP issued the code of corporate governance which has been revised in 2012. This …

Physical Aspect of the Environment as it Affects Human Culture

            Pakistan, or the “land of pure” among the Persians, is best described geographically by Ramos (1980) to be ‘located in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent, extending from the northern Himalayan mountain ranges one thousand miles down to the Arabian Sea. It is bounded, on …

Realism: the Most Effective and Pragmatic Approach to International Relations

“This can be said about the generality of men: that they are ungrateful, fickle, dissembling, anxious to flee danger, and covetous of gain.” (Niccolo Machiavelli) The above mentioned quotation summarizes what, to realists, the human nature is. Man was born with an inborn sense to rule and seek personal gains …

Current Political Situation of Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country and it is politically unstable but we live in the world where everything is possible. Democratic governments have always failed to complete their tenure which eventually results in a long lasting dictatorship reign. In Pakistani politics, there is a clear domination by few families only …

Future of Pakistan

In the Punjab Census Report (1911), Pandit Harikishan Kaul points out that members of the Arain tribe are “mostly Muhammadans,” (in theGlossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North West Frontier Province, Denzil Ibbetson also refers to the Arains as, “Almost to a man Muhammadans”), and as …

Unever Pakistan lLimited

Unever Pakistan lLimited is largest fast moving consumer Products Company in Pakistan. Unilever Pakistan Limited is a part of Unilever- a global company. Unilever Pakistan Limited is producing more than 50 brands in Pakistan. Company information Unilever Pakistan limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever Overseas Holding, UK, Unilever …

Agartala Conspiracy

Agartala Conspiracy Case a case framed by the Pakistan Government in 1968 during the Ayub regime against Awami League chief sheikh mujibur rahman, some in-service and ex-service army personnel and high government officials. They were accused of involvement in a conspiracy to separate the East wing from Pakistan with the …

Agenda Setting Theory Examples in Pakistan

Media play a significant role in every country’s success. It helps the country to achieve its objectives by highlighting the problems of its citizens and it can spoil everything by diverting the attention of people from important issues. Importance of media in Pakistan: Like other countries media is playing vital …

Leadership Crisis in Pakistan

Sadia Abbas It seemed too good to be true. Pakistan had a judiciary asserting itself. The media was feeding a nascent democracy movement. The military was being challenged. Even the intelligence services were being asked to produce those it had been “disappearing” for years. If you were accustomed to CNN …

Reluctant Fundamentalist

“It’s like I’m an oyster. I’ve had this sharp speck inside me for a long time, and I’ve been trying to make it more comfortable, so slowly I’ve turned it into a pearl.” ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ a ‘brief and charming story; a ‘seething commentary on the events of post 9/11 …

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