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Japan Essays

Economic transformation of Japan

The first opening of Japan in 1854 caused a significant political, economic and social change within Japan that are still visible to this day. The forced opening, lead by the American Commodore Matthew Perry, was a tipping point for the collapse in the Bakufu system and a key factor that …

Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek Across the Pacific Ethnography

Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek Across the Pacific is an ethnography which shows how an anthropologist manly focused on the growth of Hello Kitty throughout time. Throughout the book we are able to see how Yano does her research based on Sanrio a Japanese company that has design merchandise that …

Why did Perry’s mission have such a big impact on Japan

In March 1854, Matthew Perry became the first triumphant foreigner to open up Japan after a two hundred-year isolation. Perry’s mission ended Japan’s isolation, and as a result Western culture along with goods, language, food, leisure, etc. , entered Japan. Additionally, Perry forced China to sign the Treaty of Kanagwa, …

The Atomic Bombings of Japan

Source E is a speech made by President Truman on the 7th of August 1945. The president is very much in favour of the bomb and has an overall positive interpretation. He supports the use of the bomb because he felt that he was under pressure to defeat Japan in …

The Role of Competition in Industrial History of Japan

Japan has the most outstanding industrial development among Asian countries. It can be compared to the development in many big countries such as Germany, Britain, France and United States. However, the development of industry in Japan has its own uniqueness. Japan industrial development was mainly caused by its decision of …

Religion and Economy in Medieval Europe and Japan

Religion and Economy in Medieval Europe and Japan Social Hierarchy after urbanization Religion did not have as much of an impact on daily life and the overall development of Japan as it did Europe. For instance the maximum of the wars were fought for wealth or power, not religion, but …

The Economies of Japan and the United States of America

The end of World War II saw the beginnings of the Cold War and the rise of the United States as the biggest economic power on the face of the Earth. The rapid growth of the post war US economy is best shown by the figure below (Figure 1). We …

Japan market Establishing A Foreign Subsidiary

Abstract In establishing a foreign subsidiary there are many methods that are used in determining which mode to be used.  The main aim of having a foreign investment or international expansion is to increase profits for the said organization, it can take many forms all of them which are international …

Japan Economic Policies and Development Dynamics

The island nation of Japan has always intrigued me because of the way it has surged after its destruction during the Second World War. Japanese to me have always been hard working and very technology focused added to that, company focused and sincere to their jobs. The social culture in …

A Comparison of Japan's Butoh Dance and Ireland's Riverdance

Dance has been a part of humanity since time immemorial.  Ever since the dawn of human civilization, dance has been a part of our lives such as ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and entertainment.  Dances are mostly used in the retelling of folklores and myths.  Before there were written languages, dance is …

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