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Japan Essays

Man’yoshu: A Reflection of Japan’s History

            Japan not only has a rich culture, it also has a wealthy literature. The Japanese literature, unlike other countries’ literature, has started early. This early development of the written arts is very much evident in the ancient anthology, Man’yoshu, which means Collection of 10,000 Leaves (Cohn, 2006). The said …

Teen Suicide In Japan

            Recent statistics indicate that suicide in Japan has been on the rise and more so cutting across all demographic groups. A 2003 report indicated that over 100 suicides are reported daily. Most have been quick to blame this menace on the recent economic slump claiming that the economic changes …

Wal-Mart in Japan

What were Wal-Mart’s cultural oversights and how could they more effectively adapt to meet the needs of Japanese consumers? The fact that Japanese consumers buy more fresh products than shoppers elsewhere. That made lowering costs difficult since most farms and fisheries in Japan are small, family-run operations that frequently offer …

Automobile Industry of Japan

Firstly, I would like to explain the Porter’s Diamond model. Porter’s Diamond model is to explain why a nation achieves international success in a particular industry. Porter theorizes indentified four broad attributes as constituting the diamond which are Factor endowments, Demand conditions, Relating and supporting industries, Firm strategy, Structure, and …

Suicide: a Review of Japan

Suicide occurs when an individual voluntarily and intentionally takes his/her life. Everyone is said to have a “suicide potential” which translates to the differing degrees of the individuals’ inclination to end their lives. (Durkheim, Spaulding and Simpson 1951) This “suicide potential” is very much affected by the collective social actors …

The Triple Disaster of March 2011 and Its Impact on Japanese Politics and Economy

1. The triple disaster of March 2011 and its impact on Japanese politics and economy The triple disaster: earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear accident. The earthquake and tsunami caused extensive and severe structural damage in north-eastern Japan, including heavy damage to roads and railways as well as fires in many …

Japan Foreign Policy

There are hundreds of states in the world, and each one of states has its own policy that they conducted within the country. However states will have to confront or associated with another states thus there must be foreign policy for a country that should be conducted toward the other …

China and Japan

Please do all five questions. All questions are equally weighted. 1. In “The Great Divergence”, Ken Pomeranz discusses the “shared” constraints約束; 限制of Europe and the highly developed core areas of China and Japan in the mid-18th century. * development trajectory in (recent) world history, the industrial revolution. * Before about …

Why Japan Went to War?

* Prior to the outbreak of World War II, China was heavily supported by Germany (until 1938) and the Soviet Union. The latter readily provided aircraft, military supplies, and advisors seeing China as a buffer against Japan. The United States, Britain, and France limited their support to war contracts prior …

P&G Japan: The SK-II Globalization Project

1017306林子君; 1017308王政銘; 1017314 陳柏渝 1017327 蘇郁迪 1. Did SK-II have the potential to develop into a major global brand? We consider that P&G as a global brand, it can be the back up to the SK-II. SK-II is a high-end skin care product and has high competitive capability in Japanese …

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