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The Ironic Satire of Reality Television

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When you think about the content and fibre of reality television there’s really not much there. Many people feel that reality television is the best production to come from ABC, NBC and all the corporate conglomerates trying to make easy money. That’s exactly what they are doing. Selling easily produced television to easily minded recipients. The first problem with reality TV is that it isn’t even reality. As soon as a camera is placed in front of someone, they automatically think that they are actors. A true, original example of reality TV is Candid Camera, showing peoples real reactions to an unexpected situation.

The primary basis for many of these new shows (but not all) seems to be to put people in painful, embarrassing, and humiliating situations for the rest of us to watch – and, presumably, laugh at and be entertained by. I believe the problem with all of these reality TV shows is the joke factor. All of these shows are a joke, it’s like watching a daytime soap opera; only unfortunately visible at a prime time hour. It is really quite painful to witness the same poor saps going at it over the same girl or guy. The continuing popularity of these shows is a clear representation of the intelligence of North Americans. I say we rid of all reality TV and replace them with shows covering the lives of animals, which sadly would be more interesting.

We can slowly weed out the reality shows by cutting funding at hit the heart of the shows. The premise of these shows is that the winning contestant receives a large cash prize usually a million dollars. The only reason these shows have that kind of money is the people who chose to watch them, which is in the millions each episode, and the deterrent of all these people watching would cut funding for the shows leaving an opening for animal programming. This alternative would of course be cheaper, better alternative to reality TV, making it a win a win situation. Some argue that no one would want to watch a bunch of animals doing their animal thing, but who really wants to watch a bunch of morons running around making fools of themselves when you see that everyday attending a high school. If anything the companies should be paying the viewers to continue to tolerate the ‘amazing’ programming they offer.

Besides I find the mating techniques of the African Giraffe than the mating techniques of the everyday human. One solution offered by other would be to try to create a different brand of television show which gives government officials the power to kill. The contestants are scattered around North America and than several government officials from Canada and the U.S try to find them and kill them. The last one standing is killed as well. This would then get rid of the kind of morons that want to sign themselves up for these shows and it would also alleviate the pain of having to watch them. Of course this solution is totally ridiculous and stupid but really when you think of it, the concept of reality is just that ridiculous and stupid.

I can truly say that the sprout of all these new reality television shows displays the lack of intelligence and creativity. If they wanted reality, put a hidden camera in the house of a normal family, we all know that there is no drama in families anymore. If we made the writers the actors then they would actually see how stupid these shows really are and hopefully they can cancel them for good!

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