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The importance of educational tour

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The problem of the study therefore is, THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATIONAL TOUR TO THE FIRST YEAR STUDENTS OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT IN ACCESS COMPUTER AND TECHNICAL COLLEGES-CAMARIN. Every semester, 70% of the first year students participate in organized educational tour in their school. This educational tour is held to be educationally beneficial to every tourism students and can increase a student’s aspiration for tourism-travel careers. An educational tour of tourism students could be city tour, hotel familiarization, and histories of the places. Many of the experiences these venues provide are related to science learning and provide students with experiences that are not possible in a normal day classroom setting.

These ideas have led us to believe that students will learn the best when they are active participants in their education, rather than sponges that soak up information provided by their teachers. Research has shown that educational tour can be important for enhancing the students science learning by giving them genuine experiences, direct contact with real objects, and simulating their curiosity and interest in the topic. The most natural way of learning is to experience the world around us and acquire new information from the environment. If we only teach students from books and show them images from videos or the internet, they may never truly reach their potential in life. We believe that field trips can provide experiences students cannot have in a classroom. Not only do they provide students with additional hands-on learning opportunities, but they also prove to children that learning takes place outside the classroom as well as within it.

We do realize, however, that not all field trips contribute to students’ learning. As a researcher, we wanted to help determine whether or not field trips can enhance student knowledge. Educational Tour provides real world settings in which students are challenged to apply knowledge learned in the classroom. As a result, these students may become more excited about their school subjects. Though educational tour themselves tend to be short-term outings, the effects of these tours on students may continue for many months to years after the educational tour.

Majority of the students field trips are designed to show particular historical places and museums and are thus expository in nature. Less frequently, the natural settings are used as extension of the tourism places for students learning. Rarer still has been an evaluation of the effects of field trip on students learning of processes of science. In Nigeria, there are no studies to my knowledge, which investigated the effects of field trips on students learning of processes of science. Since the tourism methods in use emphasized discovery learning, this study is most appropriate and timely

The study aims to assess the importance of educational tour in teaching to tourism students that focuses to a higher learning of every student and to ensure students benefit successfully from each educational tour, it is relevant that educationists adopt and engage problem-based learning as an important part of the tour planning.

Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions:
1. What is the status of the educational tour that they conduct in teaching to tourism students that focuses to a higher learning of every student and that can ensure students benefit successfully from each educational tour as perceived by the faculty and students-respondents?

This study hypothesizes that Definition of Terms
Tour – a traveling around from place to place, a long journey including the visiting of a number of places in sequence, esp. with an organized group led by a guide.

Educational tour – or field trips are learning experiences outside the classroom. These trips supplement classroom learning by providing students with an opportunity to see the actual places, artifacts, flora and fauna, or phenomena that are described in textbooks and lectures. Tourism – the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest.

Aspiration- a strong desire to achieve something high or great Endured- to continue to exist in the same state or condition, to experience (pain or suffering) for a long time Steep – going up or down very quickly, very high

Rigorous- done carefully and with a lot of attention to detail, difficult to endure because of extreme conditions Endowment- the act of providing money to create or support a school, organization,etc. Reimburses- to pay someone an amount of money equal to an amount that person has spent Stimulates- to make (something) more active: to cause or encourage (something) to happen or develop

Disruption- to cause (something) to be unable to continue in the normal way: to interrupt the normal progress or activity of (something) Sociological- dealing with social questions or problems, especially focusing on cultural and environmental factors rather than on psychological or ersonal characteristics

Equalizer- something that makes people or things equal
Factual- limited to, involving, or based on facts or relating to facts Numeracy- the capacity for quantitative thought and expression Deferred- charged in cases of delayed handling

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