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Rhetorical Analysis Template

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Please answer the following questions in complete sentence and paragraph format. Although this is not a formal essay assignment, please note that proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure are required. This week’s lecture and Chapters 2 and 3 in your text will help you work through some of the terms within the rhetorical situation. Defining Topic, Angle, Purpose

1. What is your chosen topic? (For example: a profile of Barb Collins, a volunteer at the local homeless shelter; a profile of “Shipwreck Days,” a citywide flea market and festival; or a profile of Burdick’s Grocery, the oldest family-owned business in town.) My chosen topic will be about Elaine Rowser.

2. What personal angle can you present on this topic? (Consider what is new about the topic or what unique perspective can be shared about this topic.) Elaine Rowser is my mother, the leader of a church ministry Living Water Holiness Ministries, and an active volunteer in the community. 3. What is your purpose for writing? (What do you hope to accomplish? Why are you writing?) My main purpose of this topic is to tell about the wonderful things that her and this ministry has done for the Fayetteville, Cumberland and Hoke Counties. Analyzing your Readers

You will be writing your Profile essay to your local community. Imagine you might submit the Profile to your local newspaper or have it shared in a community newsletter; the readers of those publications make up your target audience. In two to three paragraphs, define your local community and describe what makes it unique. What are the needs, expectations, motivations, backgrounds, demographics, and experiences of community members? How will those influences impact your word choice, level of formality, and overall message?

My local community is Westlake at Morganton. This beautiful area is made up of many ethnic backgrounds and mainly upper class and upper middle class single families. I am mainly surrounded by military officers or upper enlisted members, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and business owners. The area is always having community based events which keep myself and neighbors involved and close knit. What really set this community apart is the group or neighborhood cohesion that the management office constantly creates for its tenants to enjoy.

If I was to write to them about my mother Elaine Rowser it would focus on how much she is involved in the community and how she helps others outside of the community also. This will get the community more involved with the outside and into the work of volunteerism with the ministry. I would focus on her deeds and how it is fulfilling for the ones she helps, herself, and the community as whole. Reflecting on the Role of Writer

Whether you realize it or not, your personal relationship to the subject plays a key role in shaping the Profile essay. Remember, your personal brand is shaped, in many ways, by your community influences. Just as you make choices in terms of how you present your brand through writing, personal choices will also impact how you present the subject of your Profile. In two to three paragraphs, discuss your personal relationship to the subject. How have personal impacts, needs, motivations, and relationships shaped your topic, angle, and purpose? The subject, Elaine Rowser is my mother. This piece will actually go towards a more sentimental and softer side of myself due to the fact that she has raised me and loved me ever since the day I was born. There will be a softer feel to the essay due to fact how near and dear I am to the subject. I have seen first-hand her love and compassion for her family and others. I guess this piece’s purpose is basically shout from a mountain top, if you will, the many accolades of this wonderful woman and how she has touched the lives of many people in our community and asks for nothing in return.

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