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Conversation Essays

Dialogue that Illuminates Problems: Helen Mayer Harrison & Newton Harrison 

Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison are two of the biggest artists in the beginning of the Earth, Land, and Eco art movement beginning in the 1970s. Both Helen and Newton had backgrounds in education that aided their studies and production of impactful art. They were both extremely multidimensional and possessed …

My experience in The Great Conversation

Dear Leif, In preparation for you to attend Gordon in 2019/2020 I wanted to talk to you about my experience in The Great Conversation. TGC is a freshman English class that teaches you to think and write about modern day or historical topics with a Christian view. Considering we both …

Conversation with my father

In a ‘Conversation with my father’ Paley vividly presents a tragic scene of a dying father engaging with his son or daughter at his bedside and his wish to be told a story “just once more”. Paley makes great use of varying narrative strategies to develop the representation of the …

The Conversation Held Between Beatrice and Benedict

The conversation held between Beatrice and Benedict is shocking because it is contradictory to the persona they both have been presenting since the start of the play. Even before Benedict has arrived in Messina, Beatrice is insulting him to the messenger. She asks the messenger things about Benedict like: ‘how …

Compare And Contrast "Telephone Conversation" And "You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly"

The two poems “Telephone Conversion” by Wole Soyinka and the poem “You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly” by U A Fanthorpe are both about people being interviewed. In the poem, “You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly” there is a candidate edgily sitting in the interviewing room being humiliated …

The Conversation That Changed My Life

“I am not coming home.” These are the hardest words I have ever said, and waiting for the response seemed to be the longest moment of my life. I came to USA from Russia as a visitor. I was supposed to stay only for three months on a short term …

Good conversation helped someone or helped you

I am fortunate to experience good conversation and be able to remember those good memories. As I recalled those memories, I was asking myself, “What makes a good conversation?” I think good conversation starts when people feel comfortable talking with each other and understand each other. Surprisingly, most of my …

Theme and tone in 'Telephone Conversation' by Wole Soyinka

Telephone Conversation was a poem concerning the racial discrimination between the Caucasian and African. In the poem, the poet wanted to rent a house from the landlady originally. However, after he stated that he was African, the conversation turned to discuss the poet’s skin color swiftly and it lasted till …

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