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Principles of Public Speaking

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I. What I see as the biggest challenges young adults face today A. General Purpose- The general purpose of this speech is to inform people on what I think are the biggest challenges that young adults face in the world today. B. Specific Purpose-The specific purpose is to persuade young adults to make better choices in life so they do not have to overcome challenges they will face in the future due to life’s stresses. C. Central idea- I think that parents should consider the obstacles our children will face in today’s society and help them make better decisions so they can will be able to live a more successful life. II. Introduction

One of the biggest challenges our young adults will face today is the lack of employment opportunities for the educated as well as the uneducated person. A. Key point #1 Employment opportunity has greatly decreased for educated as well as uneducated people today because of the way our economy is shifting. B. Key point #2 Young people also have a disadvantage when it comes to education opportunities because of the expenses that are involved. C. Key point #3 Many of our young people today are not taught the values of good work ethics due the lack of parental guidance in the home. III. Body of the Presentation

A. Main Point #1-Young adults cannot find jobs due to the fact we in America cannot make things as cheap as other countries, therefore other countries are making our goods. 1. Supporting material-In order to cut costs and keep product prices down companies are forced to outsource manufacturing to other countries. 2. Supporting material-Many companies are outsourcing call centers to other countries to cut the cost of labor rates. B. Main Point #2-Today young adults live the moto of coasting through life without furthering education due to being burnt out or because they were not offered the opportunity. 1. Supporting material-Many young adults have parents who monetarily assist them to compensate for not having a job opportunity.

2. Supporting material-Young adults not being taught responsibilities and lack of maturity has also contributed to the factor of challenges today. C. Main Point #3-Many young adults have no steady job history due to parent’s not instilling work ethics when they were being raised. 1. Supporting material-Children have been raised in single parent houses causing lack in guidance.

2. Supporting material-The parents were frequently unemployed and thus contributed to the child being lazy. IV. Conclusion
The lack of employability can be caused by companies being forced to shut down because of the economy, young adults not having a proper education or not having proper work ethic because it was not instilled in our young people due to lack of parental guidance.

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