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The word ‘caliphate’ refers to the early Islamic empires which existed in the Arabian Peninsula region. It was the earliest system of Islamic governance after the death of Muhammad Prophet (the messenger/messiah of Allah). Muhammad Prophet was the accepted supreme leader of the Muslims as he had unified the Arabs under the vast umbrella of what is now professed as Islam. There is however different aspects, which exist amongst different communities and religions. While the non-Muslims think that Muhammad Prophet was the founder of Islam; a majority of the Muslims believe that he was the man who revived the monotheistic faith after people like Adam, Moses, Abraham, etc. It has been many centuries since that era; and for the past few centuries the concept of the Caliph has been abolished completely. Now, the question here arises, why am I talking about a dead and decayed issue?

The reason is simple, with the rapid rise of the ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Al-Sham) which is a Sunni fundamentalist group the concept of Jihad has been misinterpreted by the majority of the Muslim population. This has also led to the spread of rumors of the revival of the Caliphate in the Arab, the North African region and parts of Europe and Asia. A caliphate dominated and run by the ISIS. Seeing the circumstances and situations in countries like Iraq and Syria coupled with the fall of the USA as a superpower; would encourage this group to spread their culture far and wide. This would affect the world adversely. In my opinion this expansion in the name of Islam has begun. One incident which explains it all is that of a young Indian Muslim who after going to Mecca was never found. The preface to his loss is that he had stopped using all Americanized goods such as his TV, Mobile Phone, Computer, etc. Rumor has it that he has now gone and joined the ISIS’s revolution against America.

Let us be reminded that he is not the only missing gentleman, there may be hundreds or probably thousands of people who are missing or declared dead but, they might have joined this cause. My take on this issue is that this Islamist expansion would take place in the “grass-root” level rather; thereby gathering the support of all the underprivileged sections of our society. By the time our governments get to know the then Muslim minority will become the dominant religious sect in our country. Forced conversion and overthrowing of governments will take place enabling the rapid spread of Islam professed by the ISIS. Countries like China and Russia would come under the control of this influence giving the ISIS vast economic and military power. Mass conversion from Hinduism to Islam will be seen due to the goal oriented approach of Islam.

With the re-establishment of the Caliphate it will not be difficult for expansion into Europe. After this expansion America would be left exposed to a large scale invasion from both sides Europe and Asia (Russia). Although the majority of the population may say that my conclusion will be far-fetched I strongly feel that we should be ready for this large scale spread of Islam. This is the most common interpretation of the Quran and I feel that unlike in the US the Muslims in every part of the world must be treated with dignity in order to avoid this war. My prediction is that the next world war will be fought over water and the ISIS will take this as a chance to spread Islam. Hence, each country must stand united in the face of this imminent war, because, “United we stand, Divided we fall”

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