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Imperialism In Africa And Asia

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Imperialism of Africa and Asia had both good and bad effects. The people of Africa and Asia may not have directly benefited from imperialism, but overall what happened was necessary for the continents to compete with the rest of the world. The African people benefited when the slave trade was abolished. They gained technological advancements by industrializing. The longest lasting effect imperialism had on Africa and Asia is that they were able to function and participate with other nations in global economics.

As Britain imperialised Africa, Christianity was introduced to the people. This was important because it was christian missionaries such as David Livingstone who abolished the slave trade. The introduction of different cultures made the countries more varied. One way the culture changed was the industrialising that European countries brought.

A major weakness of Africa and Asia was that they were not very technologically advanced. European imperialism helped them industrialize. Japan was one country who greatly benefited from this, taking advantage of the modern advancements in Europe and modernized into a respected world power. After being approached by US ships who were far superior to Japan’s, they decided that they needed to use the current ideas of Europian technology to allow their country to be able to compete with the rest of the world and not be conquered by another nation.

The longest lasting and most profound effect of imperialism was that it brought the nations affected out of their traditional societies and gave them the power to survive equally with the rest of Europe. Japan modernized themselves into a respected world power. The economic benefits whent mostly to the rest of the world and where taken mostly from Africa. The taxation of African people now going to British government and distribution of the many riches such as diamonds and gold were some of the economic growths that Europe gained. Africa and Asia would eventually have been conquered even more radically as time whent on because of the growth of power other nations gained. The nations may have not been able to industrialize at all, and have even less power under the governments that would conquer them if they had not been imperialized at the time they were.

Although Africa and Asia may not have directly benefited from imperialism, it’s effects made the nations stronger. Cultures and religions became more varied. Natural resources and many riches Imperialism gave the countries overtaken many advancements which gave them the chance to be equals with the rest of Europe.

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