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Medieval Europe Essays

A portion of as approved by (CARP) Comprehensive Agrarian Reform the land

I. Introduction Land for the landless. The farmers who tilled the soil for so many years with blood and tears should be awarded a portion of as approved by (CARP) Comprehensive Agrarian Reform the land that they dreamt of owning for the security of their family and for the brighter …

How clear is the distinction between love and lust in Renaissance literature

The distinction between love and lust is not necessarily clear in certain aspects of Renaissance literature. In ‘The Rape of Lucrece’, we are presented with an obvious distinction between the chaste Lucrece and her example of married love, and Tarquin’s violent expression of lust. However, in ‘Venus and Adonis’, sexual …

The Age of Chivalry: Europe in the central middle ages Peter Lawn

The underlying aim of Church reform in the period 1000-1250 at least in terms of its rhetoric was to return the Catholic Church to the princilpes and practices of early Christianity. In practice this meant incresing the level of religious discipline and elimanating the abuses that existed in the Church …

The Costs and benefits of British Imperialism 1846-1914

The authors Patrick O’Brian and Paul Kennedy have both composed a debate within three articles examining whether O’Brian’s theories of British imperialism being negative and that “Britain required an empire which neither benefited trade nor defence”1, contrary to Kennedy’s belief that imperialism had many benefits such as trade and access …

Renaissance Men: Cellini and Pitti

In his essay “The Development of the Individual,” Jacob Burckhardt analyzes the dramatic transformation of thought that distinguishes the Renaissance philosophy of self-perception from that of the Medieval man. Central to Burckhardt’s thesis is the idea that Italy became the epicenter of this tide of intellectual rebirth because its fragmented …

To What Extent Were the Tory Reforms, 1822-1830, 'liberal' and 'enlightened'?

The year 1822 has been traditionally regarded as a ‘turning point’ for Tory policies and attitude. The Cabinet reshuffle, replacing conservative Tories with ‘liberal’ and ‘enlightened’, and had been influenced by the ideas of John Locke and Adam Smith, seemed to effect a change in Tory policy. However, a significant …

The 1832 Reform Act

opular pressure is a key concept in which the general public aim is to seek change from any existing government. There are two types of popular pressure. The first type being ‘moral’ examples of this include: picketing and petitions. The second type being ‘physical’ and its direct example being violence. …

Northern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance

The Northern Renaissance developed about 100 years after the Italian Renaissance and will therefore show some similar characteristics. This is partly due to creative adaptation, as the achievements of the Italian Renaissance were not simply plagiarised by the Northern Renaissance, but adapted and reformed to suit their own needs and …

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