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US History Essays

Hamilton's influence on US lawmaking

United States one of the biggest countries around the world, actually it is the biggest country from every sides. The beginning of United States was very difficult with many challenges to continuous. The early of United States is very sensitive. They built our country after the war with British Empire, …

Investigation Related to Natural Disasters: Hurricanes

Natural disasters have been happening all across the world for centuries. Natural disasters are natural events such as: floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions that cause great damages or loss of life. The most common natural disasters that occur in the United States are heat waves, droughts, floods, earthquakes, thunderstorms, …

Research of Alyson Ross and Sue Thomas on How Yoga Affects on People Body and Their Mental Health

Yoga is an old method of “exercise” that brings balance to many things such as physical posture, concentration, breath of concentration, control of your senses, induvial ethics and universal ethics. Our researchers Alyson Ross and Sue Thomas have done extensive research on how yoga really effects these variables listed and …

History of Early Childhood Education

The seed of the education begins around 1500. Children were not sent to school till they are seven. Kids were taken care of their mother or others in the family till then. They were taught about social behavior by introducing them to outside world. Till seven they were taught to …

Historical Process: Civil Rights

The Second World War saw an inclusive nation go out to fight, but the returnees sought to place everyone at the level that they had been before the war. The war brought the best out of women as they were involved in various companies that were manufacturing artillery for the …

The Business Context Comparison

The, industrial revolution, also called the 1st industrial revolution originated in Great Britain during the 18th century. Later spread across the world and went form a handmade products to machine product. Since then, the machinery has been improving to produce more product in a giving time. Comparing the context of …

About One of America’s Most Deadly Terror Attacks

One of America’s most deadly terror attacks in history was the tragedy of 9/11. Los Angeles Times released an article the day after these events titled Terrorists Attack New York, Pentagon, Thousands Dead, Injured as Hijacked U.S. Airline Ram Targets; World Trade Center is Destroyed. On September 11, 2001 four …

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