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Ancient Greece Essays

Attitudes to outsiders in Ancient Greece: Who is allowed into the household and why

The Ancient Greek household has often been described as a place that contained many boundaries, whether physical or non-physical (Antonaccio 2000: 522). What could have appeared to be a normal room may well have been forbidden to certain types of people. In our attempts to explain the notion of public …

Is it possible to discern the aims of Alexander the Great

King Alexander of Macedon is famously known for his undoubted military success which saw him expand his empire from the eastern Mediterranean into the relatively unknown area which is now modern day India. As a result of this legendary campaign, a new era was born as the previous differences of …

The theatre buildings and stage devices available to a playwright in Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks held their dramatic shows in open air, but most modern theatres are enclosed buildings. There are a number of similarities, such as the acting area and seating; but some differences, such as raised acting areas. The open-air theatre at Epidauros. It is the most reliable theatre we …

Spartan Politics

Sparta had a Political organisation unlike many other Greek states at that time that drew upon elements of all types of Government structures. The Spartan constitution contained elements of monarchy, oligarchy and democracy and was described by ancient writers as a mixed constitution. The four elements were made by the …

Why was ancient Greece the first civilization to develop democracy

#1 Why was ancient Greece the first civilization to develop rational philosophy?  What features of the Ionian city-states gave rise to philosophy? Ancient Ionia was situated upon what is now the west coast of Anatolia. It consisted of twelve cities that soon became prosperous centers of commerce (“Ionia”; Hooker).  The …

Difference Between Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are two very important and influential men in the history of the world. Alexander was a Greek king and a military commander of one of the most successful armies in the world during the ancient times. Likewise, Julius Caesar was a military leader and …

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Polis of Ancient Greece

             Whereas many ancient nations developed into large states, the peoples of Greece formed a much more unique kind of political organization, that of the polis. The polis were city-states, of which there were many in Ancient Greece, some of the most notable including Athens, Sparta, and Corinth. At the …

The Conquest of India by Alexander the Great

Introduction             Unlike the other countries of Great Britain, India is no new-discovered land, since at a time when the little island was still unknown, ships sailed from India’s shores, and caravans wound through the deserts laden with silks and muslins, with gold and jewels and spices. For through long …

Sparta vs. Athens

Sparta taught its people for only practical reasons. All their education was directed toward prompt obedience to authority. I believe Sparta is the best place to live in the world. Sparta offers women more freedom. Some people think that the Spartan government is cruel. Sparta is feared by other city-states …

Spartan Women

Spartan Women played a pivotal role in a society which was renowned for its military power. (Womens Role in Society, 2010) In no other city or state were women so well incorporated into a society (Womens Role in Society, 2010), which enabled them to have more power, influence and freedom …

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