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Sparta vs. Athens

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Sparta taught its people for only practical reasons. All their education was directed toward prompt obedience to authority. I believe Sparta is the best place to live in the world. Sparta offers women more freedom. Some people think that the Spartan government is cruel. Sparta is feared by other city-states due to its strong military.

“All their education was directed toward prompt obedience to authority, stout endurance of hardship, and victory or death in battle.” According to this quote Plutarch states that because of Sparta’s military training their level of confidence and their obedience made them respect their tactics which is why other city-states feared them. Also Sparta’s education was used for practical reasons because if Sparta’s soldiers became smart they would ask too many questions and won’t do what the government wants them to do. The Spartan’s were ready to fight for their city-state even if it meant death.

According to the quote “it was not allowed them to go abroad, so that they should have nothing to do with foreign ways and undisciplined modes of living” Plutarch states that the Spartans were against trade and they didn’t want to deal with foreigners. Spartans didn’t have any luxuries because they wanted to focus more on their military. If they had opened up trade they would have invaders and they would have probably taken over their land. Sparta was very independent. This is because Sparta didn’t communicate with the countries surrounding it.

However, Spartans would throw non healthy babies off of mountains. This is because the babies might have been weak or sick. The Spartans wanted strong babies who would fight in the military. The boys who were in the military were encouraged to steal food. They were encouraged to do this because that way they could sneak up on an enemy without getting caught. They weren’t hygienic the warriors received one garment for the entire year and they were usually held back from bathing.

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