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Hamilton’s influence on US lawmaking

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United States one of the biggest countries around the world, actually it is the biggest country from every sides. The beginning of United States was very difficult with many challenges to continuous. The early of United States is very sensitive. They built our country after the war with British Empire, and, they established some principles to rise this country. Latin America started before 15,000 BC, where many indigenous people settled leading to the formation of different cultural groups. The British government took over the nation and introduced new taxes whereby Europeans who had at first colonized the nation rejected the taxes arguing that they needed their approval. With the support of France and under the leadership of General Washington the United States of America won the revolutionary war of 1775 and was later in 1776 declared independent by the second continental congress.

In the beginning, there are many challenges faced American. That was after American Revolution. The one of this problem, how they control the country. They need to control of territory. Also, they must redefining relationship with the world specifically with Europe. They need to won about overcome a crippling. Also, they did not have enough articles confederation. After these challenges the country need to a new articles. That make more of flexibility with challenges. So that many began to to call stronger to get central government control of practical. Massachusetts was badly of city in dept. they get more of dept. to control economic but that make more of problem to state, such as the tax of farmer was 1/3 of income.

As I said, the struggles to independence and after independence the United States had several challenges. The nation was still struggling to control her territories, as Spain and Britain stood in America’s way. Articles of Confederation were inadequate. Britain still had some forts outside of the new America territories in 1783. All through the struggles to independence and after independence the United States had several challenges. The nation was still struggling to control her territories, as Spain and Britain stood in America’s way. Articles of Confederation were inadequate. Britain still had some forts outside of the new America territories in 1783. On the other hand, blocked commerce of the United States from being beyond the Mississippi river, refusing to recognize the Americans southern and western boundaries.

Forth more, Then Foreclosures began to run rampant. Then the farmer angrier become transfer. The court of stop forceless become unavailable, so that Massachusetts army stand biggest the state. But they get control quickly. Then they said it was little rebellion. So that they need to get central government keep the law in country. So that they converged in Philadelphia again to talking about that. They decide some points in this converged, actually all agreement with issues keys. First decision support federal system.

Combined power of independent state with strong general government. No group within government have to power without law or control. They must get all power with all authority. The people must have opinion or vote in a government, that was first democrats of a new America. The taxes need to organize so they levy tax. They organize trade between inside and outside, I mean foreign trade. They decide to keep maintain army to defensed the country. After, shays rebellion, they decide to create a power shift. In great convention, some difference appearance. Virginia wanted to get representation by population. If they have many people they deserve a lot of representations, while the smaller state wanted equal representation such as Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

The deglets agreed two of decision, the lower house based on population while the upper house based on equal representation. After that with finish deglets rights. There are problem economic with some accounts if there are taxes of slaves, so that make more of tax for south state. Then they created 3/5 compromise. The population of slaves would be as three- fifths in total when representation for tax and electors.

In the other hand, the nation need to leader. Every country need to leader. So every state choose electors to vote for them. They create one of the best democrats around the world. They create three distinct branches of government. There are Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. Every point has one of tasks or authorities. The judicial explain laws, while legislative create laws. Also Executive enforcement or passes law to people. Most state signed making the document legal, they create a good law to protection freedom. The voting was to New York by Hamilton. In 1789 George Washington was the first president to United States. Then he chose his closest advisors to assist him in making decisions. Then the congress created the bill of rights to create laws to people. This law guaranteed more of freedom to people such as speech, press, and religion, the right to bear arms and the right in front of court. Everyone deserve get these rights, no body prohibited of these rights.

The new nation was need to get money. They need that to pay to dept. also, after get money they will earned more of money by process. They will borrowed from Europe. From this way America will guaranteed the countries will be stand beside them because they need to back their money. The Federal Government would assume all dates accrued by individual during American Revolution. A central government was formed through the article of confederation, nonetheless, this government was not in a position to provide stability, as it didn’t have an executive officer and also it could not correct taxes. The nation was suffering from a huge debt before which was resulting from the revolutionary war whereby paper money which was issued during the conflict became virtually worthless. The federal government as a result of the revolution had acquired a huge debt of fifty-four million dollars which included interest.

Foreign credit became unavailable. In 1783 the congress was given the mandate to impose taxes to cover the federal governments. Nonetheless, the taxes were not enough to run the government. Moreover, the debts increased as the government expanded and provided more services to the people. The United States of America adopted a new constitution in 1789.

Hamilton suggest create national bank that was very useful for nation. Each member of the United States was in a position to make its own laws. The article provided for a Congress which would consist two to seven members per state regardless the number of Congress representative where each representative had one vote. This congress had powers vested to each to settle disputes within the state and boundary issues. The Congress also could establish courts with jurisdiction of the state and also collect taxes. During this period, there were problem with Indian so both sides sign a treaty ending violence and allowing white settlers to move freely in the lands. Then there are problem with two sides. One of side wanted less powerful central government by Jefferson, while Hamilton wanted strong central government. Then there problem with whiskey tax, because the farmers thought there were unfairly tax to them. Then they burn Pittsburgh and attack it. That was first time to army attack against its people all that to keep the law.

In 1789 United States treasury department was created to borrow money and manage debt, led by Alexander Hamilton the first secretary. Alexander Hamilton said that if the debt of the country was not much could bring a positive change to the country, he estimated the federal government debt by 1791 to be seventy-seven point one million dollars. Furthermore, trying to increase money for the federal government boards were issued by the government. In addition, a tariff was increase to raise revenue on imports and alcohol tax, also duties were imposed on foreign vessels to promote American shipping and state, treasury and war departments were created to provide a structure of executive branch. By 1836, after forty-five years Hamilton’s audacious debt plans enabled the nation to pay off its entire debts. In 1796 Adams wins the election, so that was second president after Washington.

The country underwent a second and final war against the British which solidified national pride in 1812. Regardless of its large area in 1790 her population was only four million. However, the population grew up rapidly from 7.2 million in 1810 and by 2015 the United States had a population of three hundred and twenty-one million, also they have now one of the biggest economics around the world.

The American Revolution negatively impacted Europe in three major ways. In begin with, American rebelled against its colonies and asserted its own rights to self-governance and nation-statehood. The United States believed in the philosophy that humans had more superior rights than the governance and freedom and equality highly prioritized. This was opposite to Europeans who were imposing overwhelming orders without the respect for human rights. Moreover, a new model offered the constitution and established it, the European countries could not utilize federalism because the presidency was not copied. In addition, the relationship between Americans and Europeans marked the evolution of the nation’s revolution which in contrary led to divided European society. Where Hamilton’s image was appealing to some Europeans while Jefferson’s vision was appealing to others.

Although the struggles facing America were numerous the state stood and developed several strategies to overcome them. The nation struggled through several major wars including the Mexican war of independence in 1810-1821, and the American revolutionary war of 1775-1783, to gain self-governance. After the independence, the united states were able to expand rapidly to the west and acquired massive Louisiana territory. Through the support of Texas in 1867 America was able to acquire Alaska from Russia. Finally, the united states were greatly affected by numerous problems through which if they were not handled with an urgency they could have led to the failure of the nation. Resulting from the able leadership of Washington and assisted by his close advisor’s Alexander Hamilton the secretary, Thomas Jefferson the state secretary, Henry Knox the secretary of war and Edmund Randolph the attorney general the nation was in a position to overcome the challenges.

The united states of America are today regarded as one of the superpowers in the whole world. The huge debt that the nation owned was repaid after forty-five years, from which the united states were able to operate by their own means. This change from a debt nation to a self-satisfying nation led to the united nation being a well economic performing nation. Today the united nation stands at the first line to offering grants, loans, and reliefs to more than fifty nations. The united nation has radically changed into a more powerful nation having among the best security and economic stability in the whole world.

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