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California Essays

California High-Speed Rail's Contribution to City sustainability: Los Angeles and San Francisco

This essay examines the contribution of California High-Speed Rail to city sustainability on its planned route and provides a potential solution for the embarrassing funding situation of the rail. The California High-Speed Rail is a high-speed train under construction in California that is expected to connect Union station and San …

Depiction of Asians Within Asian American Work

“These are different times…we’re trying to break stereotypes, break what people have assumed for so long about a culture, about an individual, about the world…this is for discussion…a time for not assuming things.” (Genara Banzon, November 28, 1996). Immigration has created a diverse society today that often includes culturally rich …

Medicaid Long-Term Care Financing in California and Florida

Introduction             Medicaid is a healthcare program designed by the government to assist citizens who are incapable of acquiring medical support and assistance due to financial cripple-ness.  It has been designed to extend help to the professionally oppressed few through the help of paying the healthcare providers, which of course, …

The Effects Of Californians Budget Cuts On Public Safety: Police And Fire

Statement and background of the problem The budget cuts within the California State is a common thing but unfortunately the cuts affect some of the important service that ensure the safely services that the public needs. In the recent years the Governor Arnold Shaznegger has been approving budget cuts affecting …

Why Junk Food and Sugary Drinks Should be Banned at California School

Introduction According to Bommarito (2009), foods rich in calories and fats and sugary drinks were responsible for the increased childhood overweight and obesity. He carried out a study on the Freeland Community School District students from the fourth graders to the ninth graders and established that 18 % of the …

The Hippie Movement in California

Introduction             Formerly a Youth Movement, the Hippie subgroup commenced in the early 1960s, instigating form the United States and disseminating across the world. Derived from the hipster, the word hippie was primarily used to describe beatniks, members of the Beat Generation, who had shifted into San Francisco. These people, …

The Making of Mexican Culture in Frontier California

Douglas Monroy maps out the chronological communication amid cultures in Thrown Among Strangers: The Making of Mexican Culture in Frontier California. Opening with the missions and finishing in the late 1800s, he uses associations of production and labor demands as a scaffold to clarify the dominion of a few groups and the …

Poem Analysis: "Facing West from California's Shores" by Walt Whitman

When I read a poem, I get an idea of what the author is trying to convey. When I read it again, it touches something within. The more times a poem is read, the more it grows within, until its very idea takes ground in some part or other in …

Westward Expansion and the American Dream

The experiences a nation undergoes often shape its national identity and define who they are as a country. Throughout the course of its history, America has developed a national identity which is the American Dream. The American Dream is defined as the qualities that make up America and most of …

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