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Florida Essays

Category Fifth Hurricane Irma

Horizon Essay Rough Draft Introduction: In August 2017, Miami residents faced the devastating Category Five Hurricane Irma, costing the state of Florida more than 100 billion dollars and killing eighty-four people. Hurricane Irma is one of the most disastrous hurricanes ever to have hit Florida, but it is not the …

Florida State University Sample Essay

The Florida state university application essay should be written on the chosen theme which investigates the applicant’s personality. You can find information about topics which are offered on the official website. The following FSU essay is based on the theme which is about telling a story which has a serious …

Medicaid Long-Term Care Financing in California and Florida

Introduction             Medicaid is a healthcare program designed by the government to assist citizens who are incapable of acquiring medical support and assistance due to financial cripple-ness.  It has been designed to extend help to the professionally oppressed few through the help of paying the healthcare providers, which of course, …

Emergencies and Disasters in Florida

In every part of the world, people are uncertain about their future, because every now and then, they are facing some kind of natural and/or manmade hazards. Florida, amongst many other countries of the world has the geographical position, which makes it more prone towards calamities and natural disasters. Each …

History of the Gullah Community in Florida

Introduction My community is the Gullah/Geechee people. These are African Americans from the slave ancestry, occupying the coastal areas of South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. The name Gullah may have originated from Angola, a West African country, where most of the ancestors of Gullah came from. Nonetheless, some believe that …

Visit Florida

As a tourist destination, Florida has many strong assets. First, it offers a variety of attractions that caters to everyone. Below is a list of attractions available for people with different interests: • Cultural Events – festivals, fairs, carnivals • Cultural Places – antiques, art galleries, art centers, missions • …

Cold Winter

Have you ever had an adventure that you remember clearly and want to go back to that time? I do and right now I am remembering pictures from MY adventure. I remember clearly and that time I was exactly 10 years old. My family and I were in a plane …

Florida Favorites Company

Florida Favorites Company produces toy alligators and toy dolphins. Fixed costs are $1,290,000 per year. Sales revenue and variable costs per unit are as follow: Alligators Dolphins Sales Price $20 $25 Variable Costs 8 10 Questions: A. Suppose the company currently sells 140,000 alligators per year and 60,000 dolphins per …

Right to Die: The Terri Schiavo Case

Death is the ultimate rejection for human beings and one that must be faced by all at some point. In some countries, such as the Netherlands, death can be a choice over long-term pain and suffering. In the United States, Oregon has a Death with Dignity Act that allows for …

Personal essay on trip to Florida

There I was, in Florida, or maybe I was dreaming. The perfect escape plan was finally in effect. It was nice to be Calgary free, snow free, and most of all parent free. Looking forward to a whole week of new experiences to be had, new people to meet, in …

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