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New York City Essays

Overview and Information

Extra Extra, local families win the court case against the school board; they have successfully sued the school! This case went all the way to the Supreme Court because of one main question: “Does the reading of a nondenominational prayer at the start of the school day violate the ‘establishment …


Throughout history, the media has been the source from which most of the public receives their information on current events. The media plays a vital role in shaping how the public reacts to certain events based on how the networks deliver news and important information. The media chooses how and …

Volunteers of Greater New York

Volunteers of America is a national faith based human services non profit organization. Through social service programs, VOA (Volunteers of America) helps families, seniors and individuals to live a more fulfilling life. Their programs provide positive support to assist in creating lasting change in their lives. Volunteers of America was …

Extreme Cities

With our current political atmosphere, the ominous threat of climate change is now more relevant than ever. The effortless ability to portray social and economic aspects as a fluid solution to climate change is presented by Ashley Dawson in his book Extreme Cities. Dawson is an English professor at the …

Boss Tweed

IMMIGRANTS/VOTING Tammany Hall was able to use Irish Immigrants to their advantage on election day. Thousands of Irish were swarming to Ellis Island daily. While the Whig party thought of these new Americans as pigs, the Democrats outstretched their hand of corruption. Tammany then used his new “friendship” on election …

Serena Hall

Currently, elder abuse is a significant issue affecting patients all over the world. The term “elder abuse” is defined as either intentional or unintentional acts by someone in a position of trust that causes harm to an older adult (National Center on Elder Abuse, 2019). To date there is not …

The Struggle For Equality Of Labor At The Cost Of Life

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a witness of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire? Have you ever imagined yourself walking down Green Street, and having bodies falling to the ground right next to you? Well, believe it or not, many people did witness this tragic …

Destructive events in New York

There are many important matters that are going on in the world that are connected to historical events discussed in the class. Even though they happen during different time periods, the events can be related to each other. A lot of situations that happened in the past is similar to …

Turtles that Came to the Defense of New York

Product placement is a technique used by producers to promote their merchandise. Huge corporations pay broadcasting companies for their products to be displayed in films and television programs. During the 21st-century product placement has gained popularity with the new technological advancements. Not only that but the product placement has made …

Colonies of Religious Freedom

I would live in the Northern colonies. The northern colonies were founded by the Pilgrims in search of religious freedom, whereas the southern colonies foundations were built to grant colonists opportunities for land ownership. The Northern colonies had a more diverse economy in part of free labor. The Southern colonies …

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