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Colonies of Religious Freedom

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I would live in the Northern colonies. The northern colonies were founded by the Pilgrims in search of religious freedom, whereas the southern colonies foundations were built to grant colonists opportunities for land ownership. The Northern colonies had a more diverse economy in part of free labor. The Southern colonies based their economic activity on manufacturing. In comparison to the colonists in New England, the settlers in the Northern Colonies were seeking religious freedom and new lives. Because of the frim religious rule there were less influence over the later generations than it had over the original founders. This is also great place to start a new settlement where everyone would be treated equally. In the northern colonies’ winters were cold and snowy while summers were hot and humid. Economic activities were mostly based on manufacturing and trade, while the southern colonies were based on cash crop farming, which included the successful goods, tobacco, grain, corn and cotton. The northern colonies also had rich soil that was great for farming. New York and Pennsylvania were well known for their valleys and wooded mountains. There were many different occupations available to the settlers in the Northern Colonies. Job occupations including lumbering, shipping, slave trading, farming, and iron mining. Since the economy was mostly based on farming I would be a farmer. The soil was fertile in the region. Thus, being able to produce more food that was consumed. The more food was being produce the more we would export to England. As a result, we are nicknamed the “bread basket,” because of the many different types of grains such as oats, wheat, and barley grown here. We would then ship our goods to New York and Philadelphia (large port cities). In comparison many farmers would also live along the coastline of the Hudson and Delaware Rivers making exporting easier. Purchasing cotton from our south counterparts, we would then sell textile to England. We would also ship rum to the western coast of Africa to trade for slaves. We are also self-governed. The New England government was centered around town governments. Early on they were also tied to the church leadership of the Puritans. All the while trying to maintain independence from the larger colonial government. Due to an assembly elected by the citizens, New York has a British appointed governor and council. Just like the New England Colonies slavery was not common. Colonists here believed that everyone should be treated the same way and pressured other colonists not to own slaves. The few slaves who lived here mostly lived on their own or with others. Unlike the southern colonies the North doesn’t have large-scale plantations, only small farms. Most of the slaves in the South worked on tobacco fields. Unlike the South the very few female slaves in the North would work in the households. Due to the large plantations in the Southern Colonies both male and female slaves were forced to work in the hot and humid weather on the fields.

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