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Imperialism Essays

The Costs and benefits of British Imperialism 1846-1914

The authors Patrick O’Brian and Paul Kennedy have both composed a debate within three articles examining whether O’Brian’s theories of British imperialism being negative and that “Britain required an empire which neither benefited trade nor defence”1, contrary to Kennedy’s belief that imperialism had many benefits such as trade and access …

Neocolonialism & Neoimperialism

European countries had populated most of the continent in the overdue nineteenth century, instituting a system of fiscal and monetary maltreatment in which African unrefined materials were expropriated and exported to the exclusive promote of the take over influence. The conception of neocolonialism, on the other hand, suggests that when …

American Imperialism and the Colonization of the Philippines

The irony of the 1898 Spanish-American war was that Americans fought partly to aid Cubans in the fight for Cuban sovereignty, and the United States ended up colonizing some territories they won from Spain, like the Philippines. Despite America’s previous claims of only supporting independence and democracy, the United States …

The age of imperialism ended in 1918

Imperialism refers to an ideology of exercising power or control over external entities. It involves creating new subjects of control or power and maintenance of these entities better known as empires. The control may either be direct or indirect. This is where one country creates dominance on another independent country. …

The Effects of Imperialism

Directions: The following question is based on the accompanying Documents 1- 13 (The documents have been edited for the purpose of this exercise.) This question is designed to test your ability to work with and understand historical documents. Write an essay that:     Has a relevant thesis …

U.S. Imperialism

1. Who was Alfred Thayer Mahan (http://www.smplanet.com/imperialism/letter.html) ? What did he recommend with regard to the U.S. military? He was a leading expansionist who believed that America’s survival depended on a strong Navy. He wrote that it was time for America to “turn their eyes outward, instead of inward only, …

The Age of Imperialism

1. Motivation for European imperialism came from technology, the Industrial Revolution, and colonization in Africa. European imperialists were so successful because of the steam engine improving transportation throughout the continent. The Maxim gun was quickly granted by countries during the time African armies were still depending on antique weaponry. The …

Various Forms of Imperialism and Bristish Imperialism

Describe various forms of imperialism emerged in 19th century Europe. Discuss British colonialism’s influence on Germany during 1895-1905 and how Germany reacted. Imperialism experienced its peak development by the late 19th century with numerous European nations leading in the movement. Referred to as “the creation and maintenance of an unequal …

Political Cartoon Map

Part 1: Select one image and write at least three observations to support each decoding category. Write your observations in complete sentences, using proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. Choice A: “Putting His Foot Down, 1899” Public Domain Choice B: Imperialism in China, 1890’s Public Domain Indicate Your Selection: Choice …

Imperialism a proper and legitimate policy

Was Imperialism a proper and legitimate policy for the United States to follow at the turn of the 19th century? Imperialism is the policy of extending the rule of authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries or acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies. Now that we know the …

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