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Neocolonialism & Neoimperialism

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European countries had populated most of the continent in the overdue nineteenth century, instituting a system of fiscal and monetary maltreatment in which African unrefined materials were expropriated and exported to the exclusive promote of the take over influence. The conception of neocolonialism, on the other hand, suggests that when European powers approved ostensible opinionated sovereignty to colonies in the decades after World War II, they continued to manage the financial system of the new African countries. The so-called new imperialism (Neoimperialism) was the obligation of majestic canon by European countries, especially the ‘jumble for Africa’, (Ferro, 1977) during the tardy nineteenth century. This imperialism is a financially viable essential of the developed entrepreneur markets.

In order to clarify the difference among these ideas, it is not wrong to say that Neo-colonialism is the most awful appearance of imperialism. For those people, who put into practice it, it means authority devoid of accountability and for those people who undergo it; it means misuse-lacking remedy. As Neocolonialism refers to the practice of acquiring or maintaining new colonies, on the other hand Neoimperialism refers to the policy of extending the power of a country’s power and influence by establishing new colonies (Glassner & Fahrer, 2003). Neocolonialism is related to occupation of an overseas ground with it is being brought in farming by means of the resolution of colonists.

It may bring unrest and turbulence in a country or some sort of destruction of country’s own colonies while establishing and instituting new colonies of any other realm other than the native one. In spite of this, Neoimperialism brings affluence and prosperity to a land by structuring more colonies in it. Hence, these both are very dissimilar stipulations and procedures and have diverse connotations and consequences.


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Glassner, Martin Ira, Fahrer, Chuck, & Fahrer, Charles. (August 2003). Political Geography. Wiley John & Sons.

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