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Nigeria Essays

Maritime Law in Nigeria

The earth is viewed as a liquid planet as 70% of it is covered by water. The oceans are critical to States’ interests and human prosperity, being a highway for commerce, a shared resource and a vector for threats to security. The oceans are the highway for 90% of the …

The Problem Of Patriarchy In Nigeria

It is common knowledge that Nigerian patriarchal system is essentially one of the major reasons women are subjected to serious work stress as well as work -life imbalance that affects their commitment to work; this in final analysis impinges on the productivity and performance of Nigerian organisations as a consequence …

The harsh business environment in countries like Nigeria

Greg Fischer from the London School of Economics speaking on how to help youth entrepreneurs in Africa emphasized that “there has never been a history of any country developing where it is about low-skilled people starting a business. Entrepreneurship is about highly skilled people” (George, 2014). Entrepreneurship is “about learning …

Microfinancing in South East Nigeria

Abstract: This paper examines the need for promoting microfinance as a social business for a poverty reduction economic strategy in Nigeria. Through the development of microfinancePolicy, Regulatory and Supervisory Framework, microfinance banks are licenced and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. This paper relies on primary and secondary data …

The Role of Internal Audit in Prevention of Fraud in Nigeria Banks

ABSTRACT This study investigated the role on internal audit in the prevention of fraud in banks taken Equitorial Trust Bank (ETB) as case study. It specially examined how the bank organized its internal audit system with the hope of assessing how it is used for the purpose of controlling and …

Shell Oil and Its Stakeholders in Nigeria

Answers- Cultural attitude can be termed as the traditional ethic that governs a people in a certain community .The world is diversified a person as an individual is open to understanding , perceiving and also be interpreted differently. For instance a novel can be read by two different people of …

Assessment Performance of Public Utility in Nigeria

Utility as defined by the oxford advanced learners dictionary is a service provided for the public. It is a service used by everyone. Utility services covers a wide range of activity including electricity, water, transportation and Telecommunication. These services impact greatly on a country’s economic growth and the living standards …

The Significant Use Of Indigenous Language In Nigeria

ABSTRACT The use of indigenous language in advertising could not be over-emphasized in the discussion of multicultural advertisements. The impact of the choice of language to make advertising more effective is explored in this study. Language can be examined through research methods like content analysis and critical discourse analysis because …

Internet Usage and Students’ Academic Performance in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions

This paper examines the extent of usage of Internet among NigerianUniversity undergraduate and how this has affected their performance. Internet is indeed a powerful tool for academics – students and researchers. The Internet has been shown to influence the academic performance of students at the tertiary level. The influence of …

Impact of Eletronic Banking in Nigeria

1.1BACKGROUND OF STUDY The Nigeria banking industry has witnessed a lot of changes since the mid 1980’s and this is reflected in the increased volume and complexity of bank operations, increased innovations and varieties in product and service delivery. These development have not only been technology driven but have influenced …

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