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Conflict Argumentative

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Conflict is a part of life and cannot be ignored because It is essential for humans to experience conflict in order to grow and also because conflict leads to new discoveries. Humans will attempt to avoid conflict and resolve it in order to live a happy and serene life. However some will say that conflict is necessary as a key to unlock a lock. Conflict in an individual’s life acts as a key which opens doors to secrets of self-discovery. Conflict is something that cannot be ignored, it is unavoidable. It is unavoidable since humans are surrounded by it. Racial, discriminant and religious conflict has become a big part of human life, people are judged the way they look or behave.

Without conflict, there is no progress or change. Individuals need some degree of conflict if they are to reveal unexpected qualities. When individuals are to encounter conflict they come across a point where they are expected to choose a side. However, there are rarely two clear sides in human conflict which makes the situation more complex as it becomes harder for an individual to choose one of two sides. Therefore, the complexity of the situation helps individuals to find their hidden personalities. Conflict usually leads to deep thinking on the topic of conflict, this deep thinking than leads to the discovery of idea. It is these ideas that lead to self discovery or discoveries about the world which can bring changes.

Therefore In order to bring changes, an individual needs to face some degree of conflict whether the change is for themself or others. Sometimes it may be the consequence that brings changes to an individual. A change can be physical, psychological or emotional. For example, Rosa parks, an African American civil rights activists, her childhood bought her early experience with racial discrimination in United states of America. She was once asked to give up her bus seat for a white passenger and after her refusal to surrender her bus seat Rosa parks discovered her inner strength and found herself capable enough to fight against equality. Her refusal states that with the help of conflict she not only changed her life but she also changed all African American’s lifestyles to a degree. Similarly, the conflicts in ‘blind side’ helps a few character discover secrets, strengths and it also helps them change and progress through life peacefully.

For example, Leigh thought that Michael (also known as big mike) would steal ten thousand dollars worth of couch and would run away since he was homeless with no money but soon she realised that Michael Oher is a really nice person, she also discovered that Michael Oher has a record of having ninety seven percentile in protective instinct. Leigh’s intrapersonal conflict helped her discover hidden secrets of Michael Oher. Nick Saban (coach of football club) also discovered something great about big mike because of intrapersonal conflict.

Soon after taking Michael in his team Nick started to regret his decision but after a bit of help from Leigh, he discovered change in Michael’s football skills and he also discovered a great change in his team’s performance. These minor conflicts also brought big changes to Michael’s life as he became a big part of the Tuohy family after the family discovered the gratefulness of Michael through conflict. This proves how people’s everyday life is connected to conflict in ways that they cannot ignore or avoid.

Throughout life every person comes across the understanding that conflict is unavoidable. Whether it is at work, or home, or in situations dealt with alone. Anything to strike interest into human mind, there must be conflict. Without such conflict life is dull and there would not be any development or change in character’s behaviour or personalities, there would not be any discoveries either because conflict leads to thinking which further leads to discoveries . A person may try to avoid conflict many time but will always face it once or more throughout their life. For example, Bertolt Brecht’s play ‘Life of Galileo’, which is set in the 17th century Italy follows events of Galileo’s adult adventures.

During this period of time Galileo created a telescope to look at the stars, but his findings went against the church and what seemed the gift of knowledge to the world was seen as an attack on the church which led to decades of conflict. In the play Galileo had no intention of starting or being a part of conflict but it was necessary for his success. Conflict is not only unavoidable for Galileo, many other events in history have also suffered similar situations. Similarly Leigh Anne has also suffered an unavoidable conflict in the movie ‘Blind side’. Leigh tried to avoid conflict by ignoring Alton and his mates but after hearing about Michael Oher she couldn’t take it anymore and started arguing, this states that no matter how much humans try to avoid conflict it will always force them to be a part of social, physical, psychological or mental conflict because it a part of them and nature.

Michael Oher also suffered from a similar situation, he also tried to avoid conflict when he was invited to Alton’s gathering. Michael Oher decided to not be a part of Alton’s gathering after Alton talked disrespectfully about Michael’s new family. What seemed to be a good decision to others in the room seemed like a sign of disrespect to Alton. The sign of dishonour triggered a physical conflict in the room. This further shows that people are always connected to conflict and no matter how much they try to avoid it they simply can’t because it is like a tail which follows them everywhere.

Different types of conflict has become a part of human life, people are forced to face racial and religious conflict because of the way they look and the religion they follow. It has become a major issue in the society. Everywhere people go, there is always some degree of conflict that they have to face. The concept of race presumes that humans are divided into different racial categories. The concept of race also divides humans diversity into more broad categories that ignore how similar people are to one another. To gain more power people will join groups that most resembles them and reflects their value. In this competition between groups and people, some will gain more resources and, as a result , they will also gain more power.

In effort to remain powerful people will make laws and regulations which will ultimately help them remain in control of other people. As people get more power they start controlling others and make religious and racial comments because they think of themselves as a king. The media is an example of religious and racial conflict and in today’s era it is a big part of human life. For example, Mahatma Gandhi, most internationally recognised Indian got a taste of racial discrimination while travelling on a train to Pretoria in South Africa. Gandhi was caring a first class ticket and yet he was thrown out of the train by the authorities on the instigation of a white man because of the difference in skin colours. Instead of fleeing back to India, Gandhi stayed back and for twenty one years he fought for the rights of Indians in South Africa. Mahatma Gandhi embraced conflict with open heart and curiosity and found himself capable of fighting for rights. Similarly Michael Oher also faces a personal racial conflict.

When Michael first attended Wingate Christian school he realised that he was different from everyone else in the school because of his dark skin colour comparing to everyone else’s skin colours. In the science class Michael draw a boat stating that he is lonely and there is no one to hold his hand to save him from the loneliness. Other characters also faced racial and religious conflict, Leigh faced both when she talked to her friends about her and Michael. Her friends told her not to do it because of the way he looks and the fact that he is different . After hearing thing Leigh started arguing back saying that she is not doing it because of some Christian belief, she is doing it for Michael’s future. This tells how everyone faces different kind of conflict in their life, and how most of them are because of the looks, beliefs, religions, and values. These different religions and beliefs can conflict each other, thus creating and causing secularism, intolerance and discrimination towards other cultures.

It is true that Conflicts is a part of life and it cannot be ignored, it is also true that humans cause conflict every day. But it is necessary for changes and progress, it is necessary for people to live peacefully and understand others and their beliefs. Some might argue that conflict is a part of life because it cannot be avoided. The truth is that it is unavoidable and therefore cannot be ignored. Conflict has become a major issue in society also because of different beliefs, religion and difference in values . Everyone has their own opinion about other people in the society, the statements about others can easily spark conflict. It is part of human nature hence it cannot be ignored and has become a part of everyday life.

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