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Korea Essays

The Crash of Korean Air Lines

On September 1, 1983, Korean Airlines (KAL) flight 007 was on the last leg of a flight from New York City to Seoul, with a stopover in Anchorage, Alaska. As it advanced toward its last approach, the plane began to veer far away its conventional course. In just a short …

Korean Films: “My Sassy Girl” & “The Classic”

We think that the characteristics that make Korean films different from Chinese films are, first and foremost, the most basic structure or skeleton that they use when making their movies. We think that Chinese movies, compared to Korean movies, are usually more complex. Chinese movies usually have many parts that …

Korea's View On Women and Gender

            Korea’s view on women and gender inequality has been an issue since the beginning of time. In the past, the country did not see the importance of women. They were discriminated and regarded as inferior to men. However, this has changed over time and a lot of remarkable women …

Korean Contemporary Artistic Issue

Introduction The long standing challenge to contemporary Korean art is to establish a historical claim for itself as it developed in the implicit absence of a time-honored norm of modern Korean art. The job of Korean artists now is to distinguish Korean art from those of other countries. This is …

The Effects of Globalization on the South Korean Environment

            Globalization has many interesting long-term and short-term effects and has remained a debatable issue over the past decades as to its positive and negative outcomes. Changing world policies has hastened economic progress and upsurged political stability among conflicting states. The impact of technological advancement has allowed South Koreans connect …

Korean American Religion

The Korean-American community has different religions because of the interaction with various influences championing domination of these religions in the history. These dominations have been transferred to the current settlements. Religious dominance may be accelerated by the core emphasis or the teachings of the religion which cause people to widely …

Facing Poverty by Kim

Growing up with wealth and in a big house, the idea of having it all snatched away would probably rarely come to mind. Kim’s lifestyle before bankruptcy in South Korea was that of a princess. She states, “I had been raised in a hilltop mansion with an orchard and a …

Korean Corporate Culture

Korean corporate culture is one of the most dynamic and distinct corporate cultures in the world. With its high quality of labor and positive organizational behavior, it has contributed to the rapid development of the Korean economy. Big Korean conglomerates such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG have emerged as well-known …

Filipinos and Koreans in the Aspect of Using English as Their Language

Communication Problems between Filipinos and Koreans in the aspect of using English as their language. Communication is not a one-way street. To have others open up to you, you must be open yourself. Bear in your mind when you begin to talk too much try to pause and get yourself …

Truman and the Cold War Response Sheet

1. Conflicts in what two nations led Truman to make his speech? I do not believe that the American people and the Congress wish to turn a deaf ear to the appeal of the Greek Government. Greece is not a rich country. Lack of sufficient natural resources has always forced …

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